LOMA – ” Half Silences “

Posted: November 3, 2020 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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The debut album from Loma, a collaborative trio formed of members of Shearwater and Cross Record, has an intriguing atmosphere and dynamic to it, likely due in part to the unusual circumstances of its creation. At the outset of the sessions, singer Emily Cross and multi-instrumentalist Dan Duszynski were a married couple, who towards the end of recording decided to divorce. Despite this, the trio completed ‘Loma’, a record of incredible depth and clarity that cathartically explores rich soundscapes. Though the album is strong in its entirety, the stunning highlight ‘I Don’t Want Children’ exemplifies the trio’s acute attention to detail as synthesised textures gradually layer over a delicate piano arrangement, with Cross‘ crystal-clear vocals piercing straight through. ‘Loma’ is an emotionally wrought and delicately crafted album that is beyond impressive for any first offering – regardless of its circumstances.

It was only last month that the return of Loma, the collaboration of Cross Record’s Emily Cross, Jonathan Meiburg of Shearwater and Dan Duszynski. That was around the release of the track “Ocotillo”, the first track from their upcoming second album, Don’t Shy Away, out in October via Sub Pop Records. This week the band have shared the latest offering from the record, Half Silences.

The first song the band wrote for Don’t Shy Away, “Half Silences” is the result of what Jonathan described as, “tinkering”, the track evolving from its early form, into the final version that, “always seemed to belong”, on this record. The whole track is built around the propulsive, brilliant drum beat, accompanied by chiming guitars and Emily’s echo-drenched vocal, creating an eerie shuffle that slowly worms its way into your mind and refuses to let go. Particularly wonderful is the chant along chorus, where voices arrive en masse to repeat the line, “generate light, generate heat, generate feeling”, driving the uneasy message home with each run-through. Further evidence that we’re on the right track when we declare Don’t Shy Away our most anticipated record of 2020,

“Half Silences” by Loma from their album Don’t Shy Away (Release Date: 10/23/2020 on @Sub Pop Records)

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