LOW CUT CONNIE – ” Private Lives “

Posted: November 3, 2020 in MUSIC

It must be painful for Low Cut Connie mastermind Adam Weiner to keep himself from going overboard. “If an alien landed and asked what rock ‘n’ roll is, you could start here.”

The group’s sixth and latest album, “Private Lives”, is a double album, featuring 17 songs that Weiner recorded with nearly 40 of his closest friends. They indulge gospel-choir sing-alongs, channel classic-sounding soul horn arrangements, and generally cut loose and lose themselves in Weiner’s grooves. 

The record’s only failing is Weiner’s instinct for maximalism. Many of Private Lives’ 17 tracks are one-or two-minute segues that don’t sound so much like intervals as undercooked songs; they feel like songs that Low Cut Connie could have developed, but just felt they had to release to fill two albums. But these are easily skippable, and there’s enough top-shelf Connie here that a few speed bumps don’t slow it down too much.

“Private Lives”, the new double album by Low Cut Connie, out worldwide on October 13th, 2020. 

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