HEARTEYES – ” Rock Album “

Posted: July 31, 2020 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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hearteyes press shot

Australian producer/songwriter Maurice Santiago, who performs under the alias Hearteyes, is heralding a more genreless future with his latest release, even headbangers get the blues. The project, which dropped last month, is deeply introspective and marks Hearteyes‘ second release. Previously, Santiago performed house music as George Michelle and was a member of the post-punk outfit, Death Bells.

On Hearteyes’ new album, which incorporates everything from acoustic fingerpicking to dark, electronic sounds and trap-inspired beats, Santiago is explicitly interested in challenging conventions of how music should be made. “Genre is no longer a boundary, but a malleable, cross-pollinating tool in helping to further articulate an artist’s story,” he says of wanting to make varied music. “Growing up I loved hardcore, nu-metal and punk. I got into so many different genres of music and artists. I wanted to make a project that was reflective of all my tastes.”

On his vulnerable third record “Rock Album” marks a turning point for Santiago where his transition from producer to artist is made clear. On tracks like the avant-garde opener ‘baby, i’m an angel’ to track six, ‘ny superstar’ where his rebellion against formulaic progressions is made clear, does away with genres and rails against norms – hence the ironic album title.

“Everything I write about is deeply personal; with the past two project I tried to dilute a lot of the storytelling with formulaic pop writing tropes, like repeating phrases and creating hooks, but I still felt so dissatisfied,” said Hearteyes. “Rock Album is where I have finally mustered the courage to put everything out there and felt comfortable doing so.”

Having previously served as a member of Death Bells, fans knew what Hearteyes was capable of when he shared his first mixtape last year. Now, with Rock Album serving as his latest record, it’s well within the realm of possibility to believe it might be his most accomplished work yet. Luscious melodies, intricate production, and heartfelt song writing combine to create this visceral document of music in the year 2020.


Rock Album breaks all the rules. Hearteyes’ record is a tour de force in unceasing, boundary-pushing creativity. The Sydney producer has transcended seamlessly to a bona-fide artist. Extreme, chaotic and heartbreaking in equal measures — it cements Hearteyes as one of the most gripping, uncompromising artists in Australia’s pop music canon.

Hearteyes has found a growing fanbase within the last year, though if Maurice Santiago wasn’t a household name beforehand, Rock Album might help achieve that. A dizzying fusion of genres, the record if often disorientating, but its self-awareness and powerful song writing show that this is an album that needs to be listened to a few times before you truly understand everything going on.

Released July 24th, 2020

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