MOTHER TONGUES – ” Everything You Wanted “

Posted: July 8, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Mother Tongues River & Sky, Field ON, July 20

Psych rock is having a moment, and with it brings tons of new bands trying to sound like Tame Impala and Ty Segall. Mother Tongues, meanwhile, draws on a vast range of influences, from krautrock keyboards to theatrical guitar solos amid clean instrumentation, for a sound wholly their own. Debut EP Everything You Wanted is due July 31st on Buzz Records. 

Finally! After many revolutions around the sun, Mother Tongues have announced their debut EP , “Everything You Wanted” (out 07/31) and shared psych opus, “Let You Down” that explores themes of mysticism, free will, and romance.

Mother Tongues harks back to a time when music and mysticism were entwined, carrying on the canon of psychedelic music that came before them, taking things somewhere new and unexplored. A link to the past, a glimpse into the future. The group has been a prominent part of the Toronto music scene for the last 5 years. Members Lukas Cheung, Charise Aragoza, Konrad Karczewski, Nick Kervin , Hannah Bussiere Kim were brought together through a mutual love of everything from 60s french pop, to break beats, kraut rock, shoegaze and film scores. With an equal embrace of pop sensibilities and the experimental, the group has come into ah an inventive new sound reflective of their eclectic palette. They have toured the U.S and Canada, sharing the stage with notable artists such as Dilly Dally, Fucked Up, U.S Girls, The Mattson Two, The Sadies, Doldrums, Moonking, and Yves Jarvis. They have played festivals and showcases that include Night Owl Fest, River & Sky, Transmit Fest, NXNE, CMW, Bloor West Fest, SWIFF, Exclaim’s Class Of series, Long Winter, Crystal Lake, and Hollowfest.

The group’s performances are an explosive experience that pulls the audience in with metronomic kraut rhythms, they weave in and out of different genres and spaces seamlessly. Serene moments of lush shoegaze drones contrasted with punishing breakdowns. Comparisons have been made to Stereolab, Broadcast, CAN, and The Flaming Lips. “Everything You Wanted” is the debut release from Toronto based Mother Tongues. On the sound of Mother Tongues, Cheung the founding member of the group states, “We’re always striving to create an atmosphere, It should feel like a space, real, or imagined. Music has always had that power over me, to take me somewhere glamorous and grand or stark and uncomfortable; it transports you. It can grant you access to all these impossible spaces, it’s like you can strum two chords and all of a sudden you’re in a new room, a different era.”

At the same time the songs off “Everything You Wanted” are a reflection of a very real community. A blossoming psychedelic music scene in Toronto. The set of songs have grown and gone through countless revisions through 5 years of live shows. They’ve been informed by audiences, and other bands. “It’s really full circle that these songs I wrote in an apartment as a form of escapism have cultivated such a rich community, it’s made us friends around the world and given us the opportunity to tour and travel.”

The group covers a lot of ground, from the single “Let You Down” that starts as a fast paced pop song soaked in nostalgia then weaves into counterpoint guitar parts reminiscent of Phillip Glass and ends in a cacophony of swirling, phasing guitars . The title track where walls of shoe-gazey guitars lay the bedwork under musings of “too much excitement for me”. Grooves and a thumping baseline that brings to mind influences like Stereolab, sit seamlessly next to Sabbath worthy fuzz lines in the song “Fortunes”. Metronomic Kraut rhythms disintegrate into doom metal breakdowns in the 7 minute epic “Eternity”. “We’re music lovers and that’s who we made this record for, it’s our compass and the catalyst for everyone and everything near and dear to us. More than anything I hope the record expresses a sense of wonder to the listener. I think we downplay that aspect, you’re rippin’ it through a fuzz pedal, vibrating frequencies in the air and affecting people’s emotions, changing their brain chemistry. That’s magic.”

Mother Tongues’ debut EP, Everything You Wanted, arrives on July 31st 2020.

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