The FIERY FURNACES – ” Down at the So and So on Somewhere “

Posted: June 21, 2020 in MUSIC
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After a near 11-year long period the The Fiery Furnaces came back on Thursday with the new single “Down at the So and So on Somewhere,” courtesy of Third Man Records. The last we heard from the brother/sister duo of Eleanor and Matthew Friedberger was 2009’sI’m Going Away, released in November of that year. “Down at the So and So on Somewhere” is being released as a 7-inch vinyl by Third Man. The songs were recorded in New York City and a few hours north of New York City on February 3rd and February 10th – 12th, 2020,” the band collectively say in a press release. “‘Down at the So and So on Somewhere’ is a regretful song about having regrets. Now it seems even more sad than we thought it was back then: ‘Will you meet me.’”

Starting off with a dark synth, midi-drums and a single piano note, the track nostalgically looks back at what could have been. The chorus then picks up with some brighter synth, additional keys and airy falsetto wondering: “Don’t you remember we were happy then?/Can you remember we’re right now?”  Bittersweet and gorgeous, fits perfectly among the poppier tracks they’ve done before while having a hidden melancholic edge.


The 7-inch includes the additional track “The Fortune Teller’s Revenge” on the B-side. A portion of proceeds will also be donated to Black Lives Matter and AACM Chicago, the duo’s hometown city.
The Fiery Furnaces were scheduled to perform at this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival, which was unfortunately cancelled due to the coronavirus. In the last decade the duo has released eight solo albums collectively .Released June 18, 2020 Producers: Eleanor Friedberger, Matthew Friedberger

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