Posted: June 21, 2020 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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On Tuesday Hannah Georgas announced a new album, the Aaron Dessner-produced “All That Emotion”, and shared a new song from it, “Dreams.” The album is due September 4th via Brassland and Arts & Crafts.

“Dreams” is the third collaborative single between Georgas and Dessner, after “That Emotion” and “Same Mistakes.” All three songs are featured on All That Emotion.

Georgas had this to say about “Dreams” in a press release: “In my past, I have let my insecurities play into relationships and have pushed people away because I have felt like I’m not deserving of love. This song explores the idea of breaking down those barriers of insecurity and being more open.”

Georgas began working on All That Emotion about a year after her 2016 album, For Evelyn.

She had this to say about the album in the press release: “I have been thinking about what this album represents to me and it is resilience. It’s about finding hope and a way out the other side of tough situations. The hardships we go through make us grow into stronger people. The album is about healing, self reflection and getting up again at the end of the day.”

Georgas wrote All That Emotion in 2017 in her Toronto apartment and during a “month-long retreat” in Los Angeles. She started recording the album in 2018 at Dessner’s upstate New York Studio.

“Before each session, I would make the long drive from Toronto to Hudson Valley in Upstate New York.” Georgas says in the press release. “It was really special getting the opportunity to work in such a remote space with Aaron and Jon and I was always itching to get back whenever we had breaks. At the same time, I appreciated the space in between and coming back with fresh ears…. Aaron and I agreed the production needed to bring out the truth in my voice. During these sessions we musically found a new depth and, vocally, a delivery that was more raw and expressive, allowing the emotional texture of each song to shine through.”

Order new album “All That Emotion” Produced by Aaron Dessner Out September 4th, 2020

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