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Everything Everything RE-ANIMATOR Clear LP (Vinyl)

British art-rockers Everything Everything are releasing a new album, “Re-Animator”, on August 21st via Infinity Industries/AWAL. On Thursday they shared another new song from the album, “Planets,” via a video directed by the band’s frontman Jonathan Higgs. The strange video centers on a monkey puppet and gets all spacey, befitting the song’s title.

In April the band shared the album’s “In Birdsong,” via a video for the track . Then when the album was announced they shared “Arch Enemy,” .

The album was recorded last December at RAK studios in London with producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Sharon Van Etten, David Byrne). Prior to that there was a year of writing and demoing. A press release points out that for this album the band wanted to focus “on harmonies and melodies over synths and programming.”

In terms of lyrical themes, the album tackles “wonderment at the wider world despite the horror of its politics; existentialism and the prolonged, if fading, youthfulness of being in a touring band; and the ominous threat of climate change. All things which contribute to a sense of one door closing while another awaits.”

Frontman Jonathan Higgs also became interested in the theory of the bicameral mind, as put together by psychologist Julian Jaynes. The press release explains the theory: “It argues that early in human evolution, the two sides of the brain were next to each other but functioned independently. In essence, one side would hear the other sending instructions via a disembodied voice—a zombie-like state of pre-consciousness.”

The band features Jonathan Higgs (vocals), Jeremy Pritchard (bass), Michael Spearman (drums), and Alex Robertshaw (guitar). Their last full-length was 2017’s Mercury Prize-nominated A Fever Dream, although they released the Deeper Sea EP in 2018.

‘Planets’ is the new track from Everything Everything taken from the forthcoming album ‘RE-ANIMATOR’. Out on 21.08.20

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