JEN CLOHER – ” Live At The Loft and Loew’s “

Posted: November 19, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Almost a year after the release of her extraordinary self-titled fourth album, Jen Cloher releases a gorgeous acoustic EP ‘Live at The Loft and Loew’s’.

The live EP features exquisite performances captured at Wilco’s famous Loft studios in Chicago and from within the decaying glory of New Jersey’s iconic Loew’s Theatre. These are performances of sparse beauty, laying bare the elegance, simplicity and rawness of Cloher’s songwriting. They are a reminder that the multi-award-winner’s recent albums have established her as one of the most important song-writing voices in the country.  l love Jen stripped back to acoustic, you can hear her gentle, luring vocals that take you into the beautiful songs, she sings with feelings and emotions.

The Live at The Loft and Loew’s EP will be available as a super-limited edition vinyl pressing available only at Cloher’s upcoming shows.


Released July 20th, 2018

Recorded by Tom Schick at The Loft, Chicago, OH USA and Loew’s Jersey Theatre, Jersey City, NJ in 2018

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