ANGIE McMAHON – ” Keeping Time “

Posted: July 27, 2018 in MUSIC
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The debut album from Angie McMahon is promising to be one of 2018’s most anticipated releases and now she has given us another new song.

‘Keeping Time’ is her new single, and it’s third time’s a charm from the Melbourne songwriter who splashed onto the scene last year with her debut single ‘Slow Mover’, then backed it up with bluesy swagger and emotional rawness of ‘Missing Me’.

Angie tells us that ‘Keeping Time’ is one of “the most energetic” songs written for her upcoming album, and acts as a bit of a pep talk to herself.

“I wrote it a while back thinking about diving into this music career thing and having the confidence to do that amidst all my insecurities – feeling like everyone was a better musician than me,” the 24-year-old explains. “This song is about pushing that stuff aside… Like, ‘you can do this, you know how to play music, just get over yourself and do it!'”

Built upon an openly inviting chord pattern and a rough strut, Angie’s voice is plump with feeling yet glides in satin-smooth phrases. The txtline reaction was pretty glowing following the single’s first spin.

That voice! Oh my gosh! Stunning every time, such a fan
Sounds like a cross between Florence & Tracy Chapman. Cool
Angie’s voice is AMAZING. Spine-tingling goodness. – Claire, Gold Coast

Keen for more? Angie says she’s currently putting the finishing touches on her album, including final mixes, title, and sequencing. She’s hoping to have it out before the end of the year.

“I guess because it’s my first album, I’m learning how long things take and trying to give it all the love that it deserves.”


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