VALLEY QUEEN – ” Supergiant “

Posted: July 13, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Valley Queen have been described as Neil Young meets Florence Welch. That’s fairly apt description as lead singer Natalie Carol has a powerful and beguiling voice. But as I’ve always said, having a great voice is one thing; lots of people have great voices. But give me a great writing and a ripping band as well, and then you’ll have my attention.

And that’s what we have here now. “Supergiant” came together as the band fractured at a point with two members being replaced. As the band grew, Carol attempted to persuade bassist Shawn Morones and drummer Gerry Doot to join her and Neil Wogensen to record the album. She wanted that chemistry back and while Morones came back, Mike DeLuccia grabbed the seat behind the kit.

Mission was accomplished. This album is where the whole is greater that the sum of its parts. Everybody knows their role and the band weaves Carol’s Americana-inspired vocals with some crunching, fuzzy indie influences. The band is constantly setting Carol up and her voice is almost chameleon-like throughout; always hitting the right note. She’s got a bit of Neko in her in that regard. The title track, Chasing The Muse and and the closing track Highway Pearls are among the highlights.

I was a fan of their EP but they have really upped their game here.


Band Members
Natalie Carol – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Neil Wogensen – Bass/Vocals
Shawn Morones – Guitar/Vocals
Mike DeLuccia – Drums

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