The STEVENS – ” Good “

Posted: July 5, 2018 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The Stevens aren’t as patient as other Australian bands like the Rolling Blackouts on their two albums they constantly jump from idea to idea and song to song, often moving on after only a minute or so. Their songs rarely feel like fragments, though—they’re all fully realized ideas, even if they only run for 70 seconds. That’s obviously unlike Rolling Blackouts, who tend to explore their songs for three or four minutes. They both have that Flying Nun approach to guitar pop, though, with intricate and tuneful guitar interplay and matter-of-fact vocals that might sound resigned but rarely feel dejected.

Centred around guitarists Alex MacFarlane and Travis MacDonald, scratchy pop foursome the Stevens released a 6 song EP in 2012 that was without doubt the catchiest non-Chapter release of the year. Originally on CD-R and cassette only,

Melbourne scratchy pop favourites the Stevens return with their second album “Good”.
Good picks up where their 2014 debut A History Of Hygiene left off – 18 short songs, alternately frenetic or laconic, packed with twists and hooks that merge lo-fi outsider songcraft with 70s prog wizardry and classic rock swagger.


After establishing a shared obsession for bedroom recording and favourites such as Wire, Guided by Voices, R. Stevie Moore and Flying Nun releases, they began combining their home projects. Together they started writing songs and soon enlisted the help of Macfarlane’s old school friends, Tam Matlakowski and Callum Foley. In 2011 they officially coalesced as a band, which also meant picking a name. They all agreed that Steven was a name

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