WAND – ” Pure Romance “

Posted: May 9, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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It’s summer at last and with all this fresh energy transferring through the air, none is fresher than that of Wand the Los Angeles psych-rock band’s video for “Pure Romance.” 

Both previously released singles from Perfume, Wand’s forthcoming 30-minute EP, show off the band’s range, from the hyperactive strobe-light-psych of the title track to the oh-so-pretty kaleidoscopic-pop of “The Gift.” “Pure Romance” features Wand in a floral strut that winds outward, reminiscent of The Left Banke’s fanciful baroque-pop minus the strings and French horns. “We both act very funny / The expressions that we hid,” Cory Hanson sings of timeless moments of desire, his voice hanging over guitars that interlock in and out of each other like new lovers. Within that span we’ve seen the line-up expand and evolve, as Wand enter a phase of maturation that must be seen to be believed. The sound, the energy, and the magic all held within Wand‘s orb are at full capacity – it’s a mesmerizing, super-sonic quake, are you ready for it?

Official music video for Wand’s “Pure Romance”, off of their Perfume EP.  comes out May 25th via Drag City.


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