BEECHWOOD – ” Nero “

Posted: May 9, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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With the recently released “Songs From the Land of Nod” garnering enthusiastic reviews across the board, Their sound is a classic, hot and sweaty, raw and nasty, rock and roll spirit, that commands the room with a real classic NYC sound Beechwood delivers the follow up, ”Inside The Flesh Hotel”. From two-minute pop perfection, to the sound of drug-induced nightmare psychoses, the trio’s music hits you where it hurts. Gordon Lawrence(guitar/vox), Isa Tineo (drums/vox) and Sid Simons (bass/vox) are drawing their rock n’roll line in the dirt, which side are you on?

“Inside The Flesh Hotel” is out June 8th

“Inside The Flesh Hotel” is out June 8th

Oozing with edgy cut-throat energy and cool, sleazy grace. – IT STARTS WITH A BRIMSTONE,

Authentic rock ‘n’ roll! – POWER OF POP

Brings the late ’60s into the ’00s. – GRUNGECAKE

A darkly shimmering rock ’n’ roll record of bruising timelessness. – THE VILLAGE VOICE

Recalls the best moments of the Zombies and Beach Boys. – POPMATTERS

Piece together the best of rock throughout the ages. – BUFFALO BLOG

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