ELIOTT – ” Figure It Out “

Posted: March 12, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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This 21-year-old young woman from country Victoria is leaving everyone stunned by her raw lyrics and haunting melody. Jack Grace is producing her, adding the electronic elements driving the beats and sonics. This one is going to be a special one!” .The Australian talent wrote ‘Figure It Out’ recently, with production coming from fellow rising artist Jack Grace.

A simple piano and vocal combination, it’s remarkably effective, with the songwriter dreaming of a return to her youth. Yearning for a simpler time, this theme turns the video into something extraordinarily effective.

Shot in Eliott’s home town and even features some of her family and friends.

“I think it was so important to go back to my hometown for this video,” she says, “It was such a special few days filming, because I got to do it with all of my best mates – there was no acting, it was honest and real. Figure it out is about leaving the comforts of home and doing something purely for yourself.”

Following the release of her acclaimed debut single ‘Figure it Out’ rising newcomer Eliott, has just revealed a video for her next single release ‘Over & Over’ which is released on the 2nd  March 2018 and has been produced by rising fellow Aussie artist Jack Grace.


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