Posted: December 26, 2017 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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They’re one of the only bands releasing new music (almost five albums to be exact this year, including Polygondwanaland, with several tracks released in the last several months). “Sketches of Brunswick East” has already made most Top 50 best albums lists of 2017. We could be done here, but we’re not.

After singles “All Is Known,” “Beginner’s Luck” and “Greenhouse Heat Death,” the band have released “The Last Oasis.” Since we only remember things in short spurts here on the internet, “All Is Known” is every guitar riff ever used in rock ‘n’ roll, “Beginner’s Luck” is a smooth, cheeky gambling crooner, “Greenhouse Heat Death” is psych-meets-goth death inside of a greenhouse (this is literally what the song is about) and “The Last Oasis” is low-key and lovely, even upbeat at times, proving that you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink the optical illusion.

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