GEMMA THOMPSON of SAVAGES ( BASHAN ) – ” Along for the Ride “

Posted: December 26, 2017 in MUSIC
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As the landscape of the film industry continues to be turned on its head, the rules of independent cinema have remained consistent in one key way: Make a movie that finds eyeballs and turns a profit, and you’ll get to make another—probably, with a bigger budget. After Moonlight, Barry Jenkins has a TV series and a James Baldwin adaptation on the horizon. Sean Baker, who shot his breakout Tangerine on iPhones, is receiving near-unanimous critical acclaim for his latest film, The Florida Project. With surprise success comes the opportunity for more. Nick Ebeling’s documentary on the star and his assistant, Satya de la Manitou, titled Along for the Ride. 

This EP is the first release of Bashan – the project of Gemma Thompson, guitarist of the band Savages. The tracks are formed as direct responses to the work of the painter Morris Graves – repetition, waves crashing against the cliff face, vertical drops and oncoming headwinds, sound guided by the currents.
released October 16, 2017 ,Written and recorded in Leipzig, Germany.
All music written by Bashan. Guitars performed by Gemma Thompson.
Percussion and Harmonium performed by Sam Sherry.


Ebeling infuses the documentary with flashy artistic decisions to keep the viewer engaged—utilizing black and white cinematography, reenacted scenarios, and a consistent breaking of the fourth wall—but his wisest creative choice was in employing Gemma Thompson to score the film. With her main band, Savages, Thompson hammers her guitar, creating a blend of chaos and catharsis that is one of the chief catalysts for the band’s refreshing take on punk. With Along for the Ride, however, Thompson sheds this weight significantly, adding a haunting subtlety to the film that lingers long after the final credits roll.


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