RON GALLO – ” The Really Nice Guys “

Posted: December 14, 2017 in MUSIC
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The video for “Really Nice Guys” it’s technically a song about people in bands who are fine but are way better at not being a musician. “Really Nice Guys” is the latest single from Ron Gallo’s upcoming EP of the same name. The whole EP is a sarcastic, literal response to people telling Gallo to write what he knows, but also pokes fun at Gallo himself. It follows Gallo’s most recent release, Heavy Meta, which was released earlier this year on New West Records.

When asked to provide a little background about the video for this, Gallo said: “The song is about bands that are better at being humans than making music. So the video, modeled after an early 2000’s skateboarding video part, is me, to the best of my ability, being bad or at very best underwhelming at skating synced to the song.” Meta, man! Like Father John Misty with a skateboard.

Really Nice Guys is out January 19th, 2018 via New West Records.

From the new EP ‘Really Nice Guys,’ available January 19th.

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