RON GALLO – ” Heavy Meta ” Best Albums Of 2017

Posted: November 3, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Cradling a “Purple Haze” smoothie outside The Post East cafe in East Nashville, Ron Gallo is talking about the tortured relationship that spurred him to write and record one of the year’s most searing and unfiltered alt-rock albums, Heavy Meta. “Loving somebody that is outside your realm of understanding is a pretty earth-shattering thing,” says Gallo, 29.

In 2013, around the time a burned-out Gallo decided to leave Toy Soldiers, the band he’d fronted for eight years, he entered into a two-year relationship with a woman who struggled with mental-health and drug-addiction issues. “It was a pretty dark time –not all of it — but, god, it was a heavy situation. I was frustrated and pissed off with humanity,” says Gallo adding,  I had met a girl that I was with for a few years. and that relationship was a real learning experience in a lot of ways. I started writing this record — a lot of the songs on it are two or three years old now  and then things really got bad, to the point where she had to go away. So there I was in Philly — I’d been there for 10 years at this point — and I was like, if I stay here for one more week, I’m going to blow my head off. “Through the course of that relationship a lot of Heavy Meta was written.”

For someone not yet 30 who describes his upbringing in the Philadelphia area as “pretty basic, middle class suburban” — albeit colored by the divorce of his parents during his early teens — the lyrics that Gallo wrote for Heavy Meta sounded like the work of a man much older and irreparably world weary.

On Heavy Meta, he levels his jaundiced eye at the parents of unwanted children in “Why Do You Have Kids?”; dysfunctional relationships in “Young Lady Your’re Scaring Me” (a No. 30 hit on Billboards Adult Alternative Songs chart); Big Pharma in “Kill The Medicine Man”; and dead marriages in “Put The Kids to Bed”, Gallo’s latest single and video,

Spiked with surf and psychobilly guitar lines and feral hoots that would be home on Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska album, the music on Heavy Meta is often as catchy and cathartic as the lyrics are dark — and the songs were made to be played live. In between a schedule that will see him and his band play 24 dates between Sept. 24 and Nov. 21, His path to Heavy Meta and how his worldview, but not his music, has changed dramatically since he wrote those songs. Just as abruptly as his ex-girlfriend dropped out of his life, she resurfaced months later — and rocked Gallo’s world once again.


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