ROBERT MUINOS – ” EP3 ” Best Album Of 2017

Posted: October 30, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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With a stadium-sized statement that cuts through the fragile count-in strum. A burst of crunchy guitar grandeur that’s short-lived as an equally-striking stab of self-deprecation steps up: “I hate myself for feeling like I’m burning up”. So goes the opening thirty seconds of Robert Muinos′ new song “Weeks At All” The opening track from his latest EP3 from the Melbourne singer-songwriter’s forthcoming.

Recalling both the bare-boned expression and burst/settle contrast of Jason Molina, “Weeks At All” is a raw, cathartic-chasing journey through pain, pity and frustration. In a constant state of flux between knife-edge fragility and worry-weighted collapse, Muinos steers the song through both recalled scenes and blunt pick-me-downs, aimed both indirectly (“let it out”) and as more targeted blows (“your hate comes pouring like a waterfall”). All leading to a line that equally serves as a smirk-and-a-shrug that undos all before it and as a brutally poignant self-summary: “I run away and sing my little songs.” then the huge guitar break, in this amazing release. Muinos — who is also currently a member of soul outfit Saskwatch and pop-weirdos Dorsal Fins.


All songs written by Robert Muinos. Drums and backing vocals by Jim Lawrie. Bass guitar by Tom Pettit. Keyboards by Olaf Scott. Guitar, singing, recording and mixing by Robert Muinos. Rocorded at The Curtin in March 2017.


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