SOCCER MOMMY – ” Collection “

Posted: June 28, 2017 in MUSIC
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Comprising of reworked versions of some of her best Bandcamp releases, as well as a few new songs written, mixed and produced by Sophie herself, “Collection” is the perfect introduction to Soccer Mommy’s sound: quietly catchy, surprisingly confrontational, the kind of music that sneaks up on you and makes a permanent first impression. There are two brand-new tracks included on Soccer Mommy’s upcoming “Collection”, whose main intention is to re-record some of Sophie Allison’s older cuts with a full band behind her. The first of those new songs, “Out Worn” demonstrated how powerful that can be, but the second, “Allison,” is a plea for self-possession and vulnerability: “Allison, put down your sword,” she addresses herself. “Give up what you’re fighting for ’cause he’s been waiting at the shore/ His feet are in the water, he’s waiting for an answer of your boat in the water/ But you’re not on the sea.” It’s a reminder to not keep your emotions bottled up when you have a fantasy, share it; when you want to tell someone you love them, do it. “Allison” takes that waiting period between when you have a thought and when you finally verbalize it and makes it sound as beautifully sad and wanting and unsure as it actually feels

Soccer Mommy – “Allison”
Taken from the upcoming mini-album, Collection, out August 4th on Fat Possum Records


all songs by Sophie Allison
guitar and vocals by Sophie Allison
recorded and engineered by Jacob Corenflos
drums and backing vocals by Thomas Borrelli
lead guitar by Kelton Young
bass by Jacob Corenflos
synth on “Out Worn” by Casey Weissbuch


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