TENNIS – ” Modern Woman “

Posted: June 28, 2017 in MUSIC
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The Denver indie pop duo and sailing enthusaists Tennis  husband-wife team Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley, released their fourth album, “Yours Conditionally”The new record includes the lovely track “Ladies Don’t Play Guitar” as well as opener “In The Morning I’ll Be Better” and the dreamy, dizzying “Modern Woman.” That last song has a new video out in which the band’s Alaina Moore gazes at her reflections in a series of vintage domestic tableaus. Like “Ladies Don’t Play Guitar,” “Modern Woman” is a mannered, sarcastic meditation on womanhood, delivered with a dose of melancholy sincerity.


In the video accompanying the single, she peers into a vanity mirror at her reflection, maintaining eye contact with her own image as she reaches for various potions and salves, the products she leans on to make herself beautiful. The video comprises several dreamy vignettes shot over the course of a single day at a gallery in Denver. Director Luca Venter, who also directed the band’s “In the Morning I’ll Be Better” video, and set designer Kelia Anne envisioned different rooms for the shoot—“really feminine and really domestic,” Moore explained. In each scene, there’s a mirror, and Moore stares into it, transfixed.

“Yours Conditionally” came out in March 2017 ,

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