WATERS – ” Something More “

Posted: May 2, 2017 in MUSIC
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Waters make dynamic, ’90s grunge and alt-rock-influenced pop music. Centered on singer/songwriter Van Pierszalowski, The band came together in Oslo in 2011 after Pierszalowski’s previous band, Port O’Brien, broke up. The group’s debut album, “Out in the Light”, appeared on TBD Records in 2011. Eventually, Pierszalowski relocated to San Francisco, where he put together a new Waters lineup featuring guitarist Brian DaMert, keyboardist Sara DaMert, bassist Greg Sellin, and drummer Andrew Wales. Taking inspiration from the quiet/loud approach of such bands as the Pixies and Nirvana, They returned with their follow-up EP, “It All Might Be OK”, featuring production from Grouplove’s Ryan Rabin.

Waters sophomore full-length album, “What’s Real”, was released in 2015 on Vagrant Records. They have just announced their 3rd LP, “Something More!”, will be released in May of 2017.


Something More! is San Francisco by way of Los Angeles indie pop band Waters’ first release since 2015’s acclaimed What’s Real. Written and recorded throughout 2016 in LA, following big-time touring runs with the likes of Weezer, Tegan and Sara, and Matt and Kim, Something More! came together after the five-piece band returned home and were forced to confront the day-to-day realities of everyday life – resulting in the most raucous, hook-driven songs of the band’s career. “They sound fun on the surface, says frontman Van Pierszalowski, “But they are dark songs in disguise.”

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