The BLACK ANGELS – ” Medicine “

Posted: May 2, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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“If you’re going to sing something, it might as well be something important,” says The Black Angels’ Alex Maas. That ethos is the pulsing heartbeat of Death Song. Written well before the vitriolic election cycle, Death Song is part protest, part emotional catharsis, this is a troubled record for troubled times, and in that sense, it’s classic Black Angels. Album opener “Currency” sets the stage in an explosive way, with ground-shaking low end and searing guitar riffs wrap around lyrics dealing with the desires that draw us to the brink of ruin. As the album unfolds, subsequent tracks reveal similar self-perpetuating cycles. Romance, violence, religion, health; for The Black Angels, everything is connected. On “I’d Kill for Her,’ Maas steps inside of the mind of a man driven by the twisted belief that there’s beauty in brutality, while “Half Believing” tackles modern apathy, and “Grab As Much As You Can” is a musing on the nature of greed. The surreal, Krautrock-influenced “I Dreamt” envisions a reality in which our true selves can be shared through artistic expression, and in that sharing, a new, more harmonious way forward is revealed. If there’s a way out of the mess, Death Song suggests that it’s not through consumption, but rather through creation. And fuzz… Lots of fuzz.

“Medicine” is an awesome song from the new album “Death Song” (2017).


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