PRIESTS – ” Nothing Feels Natural “

Posted: March 11, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The first album to completely blow me away in 2017 was Priests’ “Nothing Feels Natural” . I’ve been waiting for a new release from Priests! for awile after a couple of EP’s, But I Love this record and what this group is all about The first 3 tracks are simply perfect : so musically subversive, great.

The Washington D.C. punk outfit can give you an accessible hint of balladry on the album’s title track, but come for blood on the Dick Dale-like twang of “Jj.” Singer Katie Alice Greer might as well be standing at the podium when we damn all the bullshit society constructs to hell, with pianos and horns backing her every decree. Much like some of their contemporaries they blend a combination of old Post Punk and newer influences to create a sound that stands out. Priest’s are a powerful and necessary band

Priests – Nothing Feels Natural, bandcamp:


01. Appropriate 0:00
02. JJ 5:13
03. Nicki 8:13
04. Lelia 20 11:54
05. No Big Bang 15:05
06. – 17:55
07. Nothing Feels Natural 19:11
08. Pink White House 23:11
09. Puff 27:19
10 Stuck 29:11

Follow them:


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