SLUTEVER – ” Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle ” (Nirvana Cover)

Posted: February 21, 2017 in MUSIC
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Slutever are the punk rock Romy and Michelle: The twenty-somethings make grungy music that’s as equally influenced by radical 90s feminism as it is by Lisa Frank stickers and Britney’s shaved head. Last year, high school BFFs Rachel Gagliardi and Nicole Snyder left Philly for Los Angeles and set out to make their two-piece band Slutever into “the most famous band ever to never release a full length.” That said, each of their singles is such a sludged-out banger that if any band can skirt by on EPs alone for the rest of their lives, it’s Slutever. They’ve already played packed shows with people like Babes in Toyland, Kate Nash, Colleen Green, and Girlpool.

Even with a sound as grimy and DIY as their bleach blonde roots, Slutever are all about the mainstream; Kardashians, selfie sticks, minions—they fucking love it. And honestly, thank god. All we need is another super serious and high falutin punk band. What’s interesting though is how Slutever run their unabashed obsession with pop culture through a meat grinder, like a Barbie doll after you’ve ripped all the limbs off.




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