ANDREW COMBS – ” Dirty Rain “

Posted: February 2, 2017 in MUSIC
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Andrew Combs’ sophomore album, All These Dreams, marks a huge step forward for the Nashville singer-songwriter. Using his gifts for lyricism and wry observation, Combs weaves tales of love, sin and redemption, in a style that brings together classic country and contemporary pop.

What is it about Combs vocal journey across its registers that evokes both deep sensual pleasure and sadness “Fake Plastic Trees.”  is one of Nashville’s most poetically gifted young singer-songwriters Andrew Combs , echoes the work of these greatest in “Dirty Rain,” the first song from his deeply heartfelt third album “Canyons Of My Mind”, out April 7th on New West Records.


Combs, on Canyons. The album’s orchestrations are still highly evocative, but less directly suggestive of shiny modernity. “Dirty Rain,” is a nostalgic lament for wide open spaces that’s really a protest against Nashville’s rapid gentrification, gains intensity from the swirl of a string section mid-song; the crescendo is gentle, however, mirroring his undulating vocal line and the hazy circles of Jim Hoke’s pedal-steel guitar. “What will all the little children say, when the only place to play is in the dirty rain?” Combs ruefully intones,



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