ALLISON CRUTCHFIELD – “ I Don’t Ever Wanna Leave California “

Posted: January 13, 2017 in MUSIC
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Allison Crutchfield of Swearin’and Waxahatchee is preparing the release of her debut solo album, “Tourist In this Town”. We’ve already heard the track  “Dean’s Room,” and now Crutchfield has a new video for “I Don’t Ever Wanna Leave California.” Directed by Crutchfield and Catherine Elicson, the song features Crutchfield waxing nostalgic about the promise of California in front of a facsimile of beachside paradise: a plastic photo backdrop and a palm tree party decoration.

Allison Crutchfield invites you to join in her wintry dreams of west coast sunshine and square footage with a brand-new video for ” I Don’t Ever Wanna Leave California” the second single from her debut full-length album “Tourist In This Town”. The song’s charming melody and harmonies unite with biting lyrics like “we’re pretty far away from Philadelphia and/ that’s fine cuz I’m really starting to hate you and anyways I am looking to move/ I keep confusing love and nostalgia/ I don’t ever wanna leave California” that highlight the journalistic themes of Crutchfield’s new record.

“Tourist in This Town” will be in stores on January 27th.


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