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Tourist In This Town

Allison Crutchfield’s career began between the hours of after-school snack time and dinner, when she and her identical twin sister Katie started their first band in their parents’ basement in Birmingham, AL. The Crutchfields were 15-year-old freshmen, and they called themselves the Ackleys. In spite of (or maybe because of) their humble origins, the Ackleys became legends of the Birmingham music scene. You can still find a documentary about them on YouTube called Own It In An Instant.

Of these twin sisters from Alabama  Allison Crutchfield has immersed herself in music since her teenage years, forming notable bands such as P.S. Eliot and Bad Banana (both with her twin sister Katie of Waxahatchee). In 2012, she co-founded Swearin’—the band in which she would truly begin to formulate and understand her full potential as a songwriter. Tourist In This Town recorded with Jeff Zeigler, who is known for his work with Kurt Vile, Steve Gunn, and Mary Lattimore, among others. His synthesizer collection and related expertise proved an alluring draw for Crutchfield, who had started incorporating synths into her work when she branched off into a solo career.

Allison Crutchfield of Swearin’and Waxahatchee is preparing the release of her debut solo album, “Tourist In this Town”. We’ve already heard the track  “Dean’s Room,” and now Crutchfield has a new video for “I Don’t Ever Wanna Leave California.” Directed by Crutchfield and Catherine Elicson, the song features Crutchfield waxing nostalgic about the promise of California in front of a facsimile of beachside paradise: a plastic photo backdrop and a palm tree party decoration.

Allison Crutchfield invites you to join in her wintry dreams of west coast sunshine and square footage with a brand-new video for ” I Don’t Ever Wanna Leave California” the second single from her debut full-length album “Tourist In This Town”. The song’s charming melody and harmonies unite with biting lyrics like “we’re pretty far away from Philadelphia and/ that’s fine cuz I’m really starting to hate you and anyways I am looking to move/ I keep confusing love and nostalgia/ I don’t ever wanna leave California” that highlight the journalistic themes of Crutchfield’s new record.

“Tourist in This Town” will be in stores on January 27th.


Allison Crutchfield is a Philadelphia-based indie rock/punk singer/songwriter. You probably know her twin sister Katie as the frontwoman of the amazing band Waxahatchee. The recent Waxahatchee record Ivy Tripp was among my favourite albums of 2015. You might also remember that the Alabama native twin sisters were in a band called P.S. Eliot. Both Crutchfield girls played  on the Waxahatchee tour of the UK promoting the Ivy Tripp album.

You may also remember that Allison was the front of a band called Swearin. She’s stepped away from that band, at least for a moment. She’s now on Merge Records (same as her sister), and she’s set to release her solo debut early next year.  It’s a little punky, a little poppy, and even a little gothy. And it has enormous hooks. After the drum-heavy, fuzzy intro, the particular way the keyboards mix with the guitars and bass . The chorus is big and bright with vocals way up front.

I don’t know how the rest of the album sounds, but this is big and fun. Allison says that she went through a lot of life changes in the last two years. She says that big changes will often trigger a panic button, but that in the end, most people will emerge triumphant on the other side. That, apparently, is what her record is about.

Allison Crutchfield: synthesizer, piano, guitars, vocals
Sam Cook-Parrott: bass, additional guitars on tracks 2, 3, 4, and 6, additional vocals on track 8
Joey Doubek: drums, percussion
Katie Crutchfield: additional vocals on (prologue) and tracks 2, 6, and 10
Jeff Zeigler: modular synth, drum machine programming

Tourist in This Town will come out on January 27th, 2017 via Merge Records. In case you’re wondering, Katie did some vocals on three songs from this album, .

The debut full-length by Allison Crutchfield (P.S. Eliot, Swearin’) has announced her debut solo album. It’s called Tourist in This Town, and it sonically pulls back the curtain on her life and places with Crutchfield center stage, fully revealing her power, conviction, and grace. The Alabama native has immersed herself in music since her teenage years, forming notable bands such as P.S. Eliot and Bad Banana (both with her twin sister Katie of  Waxahatchee ) and it’s out January 27th via Merge Records. She has also shared a music video for the album’s first track, “Dean’s Room.” Directed by Lara Jean Gallagher, the video shows scenes of Crutchfield dancing around a home alongside the dancer Marlee Grace. In the video Gallagher “wanted to counter the upbeat tempo of the song with moments that felt like taffy,” she said in a statement. Below, watch the “Dean’s Room” music video, and see Tourist in This Town’s full tracklist and cover artwork, as well as Allison Crutchfield’s upcoming tour dates.

Crutchfield’s last album with Swearin’ was 2013’s Surfing Strange. In 2014, she self-released the Lean in to It EP. Earlier this year, P.S. Eliot got back together for a reunion tour in support of an excellent compilation of their complete recorded works, 2007-2011.