NADIA REID – ” Call The Days “

Posted: January 6, 2017 in MUSIC
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One last push in Australia. It’s been bloody great. Thank you, Sydney for being so kind to an over-tired, over-caffeinated New Zealander. Brisbane'ers can find tickets for tonight on the Junk Bar website. Or on the door at The Junk Bar, $15. Please...

New Zealand singer/songwriter Nadia Reid’s debut album dissects a relationship whose end illuminates new layers of failure and hidden motives with each re-examination. Reid’s outlook on love may be hopeless, but her blunt words are cocooned by the warmth and unusual hookiness of the varied arrangements.


Nadia Reid is a folk artist based in Port Chalmers, New Zealand. The 24-year-old singer-songwriter has spent the better part of the last decade writing the songs for her debut album “Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs”  a ten-track collection of folk, blues and alt-country.

Throughout the album, Reid presents a maturity that reflects on love and life’s blazes with a measure of intricacy and courage within melancholy.

Recorded in 2014 by Ben Edwards (of Lyttelton Records) with Reid’s band consisting of bassist Richie Pickard, guitarist Sam Taylor and percussionist Joe McCallum, the album was originally given limited release to New Zealand and Australia in early 2015. After catching international attention, Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs now out via Spunk Records and Scissor Tail (U.S.). Reid is currently in Melbourne, opening a series of shows for fellow New Zealanders Tiny Ruins.

Nadia Reid
Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs
Scissor Tail / Spunk


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