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In light of its 6th birthday, and being out of stock for some while now, I’m happy to announce a remaster and repress of my first album “Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs”. Recorded in Lyttelton in 2014. I self-released this album in late 2014 with help from a humble crowdfunding campaign. It was then re-released in March 2015 on an Australian label called Spunk Records. I owe gratitude to Aaron Curnow for believing in me back then. And also, to Matthew Crawley.


Originally released March 23rd, 2015

Listen to formation, look for the signs was recorded in July 2014 at the Sitting Room in Lyttelton, New Zealand. Players on this record were Richie Pickard, Sam Taylor, Joe McCallum and Anita Clark.

“When I hear a young artist making an album as soulful and rich and self-possessed as ‘Listen To Formation, Look For The Signs’, I feel so thrilled not only for the existence of that record but for all the music they will make over all the years to come”.
The Guardian (UK) 

The Phoenix Foundation have lived many lives. From high school distortion addicts to indie folk trippers to masters of motorik dream pop. It’s been five years since their last album, Give Up Your Dreams, but that downtime has been well spent. The New Zealand outfit have been writing, recording, touring with a Symphony Orchestra, creating the acclaimed soundtrack for Taika Waititi’s Hunt For The Wilderpeople, building shrines to light, creating scores for VR, producing other bands and, that most lockdown-friendly activity, baking sourdough.

It’s been 5 long years since “new zealand’s finest purveyors of psychedelic pop” (the times) last gifted us an album but thankfully, their downtime since ‘give up your dreams’ appears to have been well spent as they’ve come up trumps once again with ‘Friend Ship’. they’ve managed to enrol some of their homeland’s finest vocalists for quality guest spots, including previous dinked edition star Nadia Reid, another shop fave Tiny Ruins’ Hollie Fullbrook and Anita Clark (aka Motte). there’s also some sumptuous string arrangements performed by the New Zealand symphony orchestra.

Slowly, when they could, the six old friends found time to work together in studios, garages, forests, and sheds to put together the concise ten song set of that is Friend Ship. “We took such a long break after Give Up Your Dreams that when we did decide to make a new record we all felt it needed to be in some esoteric sense different,” says co-lead singer Samuel Flynn Scott. “To me that meant returning to something more focused. Honing in on the songs before we went deep into the arrangements and freaky sounds.” And the results reflect this approach too. Whilst Friend Ship, as you would expect, weaves seamlessly between dreamy introspective pop, stretched out grooves and psychedelic rock, it also exists as a collection of masterfully crafted songs.

Watch the video for our brand-new single “Hounds of Hell” with Nadia Reid. The video was directed by Anita Fontaine

For our UK fans, our new album “Friend Ship” will be available on very limited DINKED edition. With unique album art, transparent turquoise vinyl and two flexi discs with bonus songs!


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We said Joining the Spacebomb family not only gave Nadia Reid more visibility in the US, it also allowed her to work with the label’s in-house production team of Matthew E. White and Trey Pollard, who have earned themselves a reputation for their grand string arrangements thanks to their work on recent albums by Foxygen, Natalie Prass, Bedouine, and more. The strings do wonders for Out of My Province, which is a beautiful sounding record and the most massive sounding album Nadia has released yet. But as much of a sell as they are, Nadia never relies on any of the embellishments to drive these songs home. Just like her first two records, Out of My Province brings you to the edge of your seat with the power of Nadia’s words and voice alone.

The New Zealand singer/songwriter Naida Reid released “Out of My Province”, her debut LP for Spacebomb Records, this year, and it’s one of the most eloquent, shockingly overlooked folk-pop releases from 2020. Reid cites Joni Mitchell and Rufus and Martha Wainwright as influences (especially for her song “Oh Canada,” which serves as a tribute to the country and Mitchell, the Wainwrights and all its many musical exports), and it’s not such a stretch to hear little bits of those accomplished lyricists in Reid’s soft-spoken inflection.

These are the kind of songs you might fancy listening to over a cup of coffee in the morning, or maybe moodily by a window during a summer rain shower. This is all to say they have a lovely vintage bent to them and will make you feel things. Reid can shift from sharply written soft rock “High & Lonely,” “Other Side of the Wheel” to contemplative folk “Heart to Ride” to wistful radio pop à la KT Tunstall or Colbie Caillat “Best Thing” at a moment’s notice, and all together, Out of My Province displays an artist gracefully establishing her sound through the art of genre-mixing.

Get The Devil Out is up for an APRA Silver Scroll. If you’re a member, don’t forget to vote. It’s such a strange feeling having released this record in March without touring it properly. The build-up to releasing an album is so immense; full of elation and terror…! There was a big rush of relief when it finally came out on 6 March. My highlight being the little listening party I held in Dunedin, New Zealand. I feel proud of this record and proud of this song… (written under a bunk bed at the Grace Emily Hotel in Adelaide). And is about all the big things. I can’t wait to tour this album in due time.

‘Out Of My Province’, the amazing new record from Nadia Reid  the album released March 6th, 2020, on Spacebomb Records.


For those of us already in the know, the three years between New Zealand songwriter Nadia Reid’s albums have been an excruciating wait.  A wait no doubt earmarked by endless listens to her pristine sophomore album, Preservation.  On March 6th 2020, Nadia Reid will release her third album, “Out Of My Province”, on her own aptly named Slow Time Records.  The album will release outside of New Zealand on Spacebomb Records, and yes, she made the trek to Richmond, Virginia, to receive the full Spacebomb production treatment of strings and lush arrangements.  First single and video, “Best Thing” is already out.  Reid has a voice that is at once delicate, but also sturdy enough to command attention and instill an instant addiction.   A voice that stands up to any instrumentation thrown her way and earns whatever superlatives you care to apply.  Reid only first toured out of her native home to neighboring Australia in 2016 and maintained her job at a cafe up to that point.

Since then, Reid has performed in the U.K., Europe and barely in the U.S.  As her new album predicts, Reid will undoubtedly find herself extensively out of her province in the ensuing year.  Already having been nominated for numerous awards at home, the rest of the world will soon figure out that she is a necessary fixture in their listening libraries.

“Best Thing” off the album ‘Out of My Province’ due for release March 6th, 2020, on Spacebomb Records.

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Nadia Reid’s debut full-length album Listen To Formation, Look For The Signs is the culmination of ten years’ writing.  “Love is sold on the promise that it’s better than any solitary satisfaction, so you might as well bet everything on it, time and time again. On “Call the Days”, New Zealand songwriter Nadia Reid cuts to the heart of this deception: “I was happy on my own,” she sings in a plainspoken lilt. “I would call the days as they were known.” Yet there’s no trace of vengeance in her deep, capable voice, and the surface of her gorgeous song remains steady, as a raga-like drone anchors rolling acoustic guitar and languid cello. Instead, like Laura Marling or Joan Shelley, the self-assurance Reid had once cultivated acts as its own safe harbor, turning the event into a meditation rather than a rupture. For a new artist, her confident grace is all the more remarkable…”

Nadia Reid, a singer songwriter from Port Chalmers, New Zealand, is a folkish, slightly country, roots-oriented singer-songwriter. In the words of her songs, love is dangerous, good things are missed or longed for, and habits last a long time; in the music, guitars twang spaciously and the drumming, when present, moves with slow stealth…

Originally released November 27th, 2015


Listen to formation, look for the signs was recorded in July 2014 at the Sitting Room in Lyttelton, New Zealand. Players on this record were Richie Pickard, Sam Taylor, Joe McCallum and Anita Clark.

Nadia Reid performing at Bush Hall, London

Nadia Reid, who released one my favourite albums of 2017 with Preservation and who we named one of the best new artists of 2017, Nadia has debuted a new song, “The Other Side of the Wheel,” in a live session for New Zealand’s RNZ Music. It was filmed on a park bench in Nadia’s hometown of Port Chalmers, and it includes gorgeous nature footage and you can hear the native birds chirping in the background. The song is just Nadia with an acoustic guitar, but it immediately registers as music just as strong as the more fleshed-out material on Preservation.

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Folk singer Nadia Reid’s second album could be aimed heavenwards too. Lyrical clues are embedded in most songs and the first and last tracks are as spare, self-contained and hummable as hymns. As on her 2015 debut – released when she was only 24 years old – Reid has a lovely way of lingering on some notes and clipping others short. She has just returned from touring to her hometown, Christchurch New Zealand, where her friends and fellow folkies Marlon Williams and Aldous Huxley live too. All sing in a style beyond their years – what is it in New Zealand’s untroubled waters?

I am enormously proud to share the music video for Preservation with you. I worked closely with Julia Vares,  who produced, shot, edited and patiently translated my ideas onto the screen . We shot this film over two days on the streets I grew up on in Port Chalmers, Dunedin, New Zealand. The dancer, Bebe, I met in a record shop in Dunedin and instantly wanted her to be in the film. Her grace, and self-assured-ness was astounding and for me, it fit perfectly. Bebe, and Lisa Wilkinson, who choreographed the dance completely nailed it.

“Preservation” is the title & first song on my second record. There’s an intensity to it, but I actually find it quite beautiful in so many ways. It was cleansing to write. It is about loss, reflection and the future. For some reason, during the release of the album, I struggled to fully understand it’s meaning, there’s this sort of un-conscious state I often need to enter with songwriting, where meanings tend to become clearer and more obvious to me, months, or, years later…Enjoy. NR x

The second album – first on Todmorden-based label Basin Rock Records – by the much-acclaimed New Zealand-based singer songwriter Nadia Reid fits the template mastered by the likes of classic singer songwriters Neil Young and Joni Mitchell light years ago perfectly; the level of naked yearning and blue feeling evident on tracks such as “Ain’t Got You” is pretty much off the scale.

“Preservation” is also a very, very good album, certainly strong and distinctive enough to rise far above the myriad clichés we have by now come to associate with songwriting as a confessional and a personal inventory.

Theme-wise, time spent away from home, lost opportunities and lingering regret mixed with resilience dominate. There are hidden depths here. Just when you’re lulled into expecting another slice of heartbreak shot through with hard-worn wisdom, a song (“Richard”) takes in someone pulling out their own teeth and filling a sink full of blood. Words whispered to a loved one turn out to be ”fuck you” rather than the sweet nothings you’d expect in the nearly-solo acoustic setting (“Reach My Destination”).
Same thing applies musically. Just when you’re lulled by the spectral dreaminess of “Te Aro”, the track dissolves into barbed ambient crackle. There are sparsely arranged band cuts – check out the gently soaring “The Arrow and The Aim” for evidence of how much power can be squeezed out of a few base elements .

However, this side of the album tends to shrink next to the near-solo material. It says a lot about Reid’s abilities as a writer and performer that the most skeletal tracks – the drowsy drift of the title track, the hushed “Hanson St Part 2 (A River)” – leave the strongest impression; Preservation hits the hardest when there are zero or very few added ingredients to divert attention from that voice, the melodies and the words.

Nadia Reid performs ‘Preservation’ live in the RNZ Auckland studios for NZ Live.

Nadia Reid performing “Call the Days” live on RNZ.

Huge week for Nadia after she finished a European tour and her album is released in Japan, Europe and Aust/NZ. UK reviews are flooding through:
“perfectly crafted statements from a blossoming talent” **** Guardian
“one of the year’s landmark releases” **** MOJO
“simply breathtaking” ***** Record Collector
“pretty much off the scale” The Line Of Best Fit 8/10
“continues Reid’s graceful trajectory…” Uncut 8/10
“‘a worthwhile undertaking.” Loud & Quiet

“haunting” The Sunday Times


New Zealand’s Nadia Reid has her brand new album; the follow-up to her 2014 ‘Listen To Formation, Look For The Signs‘ breakthrough debut. Released via the new Yorkshire-based label, Basin Rock, which is also behind the new record from Julie Byrne,Preservation‘ is out on March 3rd and is preceded by a brand new song “The Arrow & The Aim” .

Immediately more grandiose than we’ve come to expect from Reid, the new track is a striking proposition from the outset, her captivating vocal leading the track in to grandiose territory as the whole piece swells like some magnificent storm on the horizon. Cramming such aesthetics in to just three minutes could quite easily have led to something disjointed, but Reid handles it all with such heartfelt consideration that it feels beautifully balanced throughout.


For anyone that wants to order a copy on CD, we are offering free postage today. $12 anywhere in the world today is amazing!