The GOON SAX – ” Sweaty Hands “

Posted: September 23, 2016 in MUSIC
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It’s been an excellent year so far for teenage Australian trio The Goon Sax; they’ve released a critically acclaimed debut album, Up To Anything, and are about to embark on their first UK tour, as well as performing on national radio for Marc Riley. To celebrate their first trip to Europe,

The Goon Sax are pretty special. The Australian trio hail from Brisbane, and their thin, wiry, poetic sound ranks alongside Galaxie 500, The Velvet Underground’s twilight third record, or The Go Betweens.
Too young to know any better, the teen sensations have stumbled onto fresh ground, with their lo-fi take enforcing a real sense of originality. In many ways Sweaty Hands is classic The Goon Sax, effortlessly inviting the listener into the world of teenage romance with all its awkwardness, boredom and self-doubt. Sweaty Hands is one of the albums finest moments, from the primal drum beat to the rolling bass lines its melodic simplicity shines, as Louis’ lyrics take us on a tour of his neighbourhood, his mind constantly drifting back to an un-introduced, “you”. His ability to make the most everyday situation sound like some grand romantic quandary is un-flashily stunning, “I think about you in the elevator alone, and all the things I won’t say when I get home”.
New album ‘Up To Anything’ is a pastoral, hazy, thrill of a record, with The Goon Sax set to follow this with a substantial UK tour.
Check out the video for ‘Sweaty Hands’ its the fourth and most likely final video from The Goon Sax’s debut album Up To Anything, released in March 2016 by Chapter Music on vinyl, CD and digital. Catch the Goon Sax on UK/Spain tour in September,

The Goon Sax

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