Posted: September 11, 2016 in MUSIC
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Previously unreleased 1976 Radio broadcast. Broadcast live in early 1976 from L.A.’s legendary Roxy Theatre by that city’s KMET FM Radio, this dynamic set captures the former Velvet Underground front-man, Lou Reed, working through an eight song selection of some of his finest work he had released up to that juncture. Featuring a sublime ‘I’m Waiting For The Man’ dating back to the first VU album, ‘Lisa Says’, a song written at a similar time and indeed demoed by the Velvets but not released until it’s inclusion on Lou’s first, eponymous solo LP in 1972, and two cuts apiece from October ’75’s ‘Coney Island Baby’ (‘Kicks’ and the title track) and his then yet to be released ‘Rock and Roll Heart’ (I Believe In Love and You Wear It So Well) – a record not issued until October ’76. He was never going to get out alive however without performing …‘Wild Side’, thus a 10 minute rendition of this classic tune provides the penultimate number of this energetic performance.

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