THYLA – ” Car Crash / Us and Them “

Posted: April 30, 2016 in MUSIC
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To describe ‘Car Crash’ as being equally baffling and brilliant could be interpreted as damp praise, and yet it’s the best way to describe what is a truly impressive track from Brighton four piece Thyla.

Jumping from alternative rock to psychedelic pop with more than a hint of grunge ‘Car Crash’ is a glorious mishmash of genre’s held together by the superb vocals of Millie Duthie. Combining with some shrewd lyrics Duthie’s vocals only add to the strangeness of the track, jumping from indifference in one line “I crashed your car the other day”, to almost lamenting in the next “When will I have to pay?”

Thyla are clearly a very versatile band and intelligent enough to know when to mix it up, the track compels the listener to question what they are listening to, but it’s not pretentious it’s just great music that has you reaching for the repeat button.


Brighton four-piece Thyla sing about being “sick” of their wasted youth, and it’s this spirit that defines their early steps – this is a band in a hurry to make an impression.

‘Us And Them’ is spearheaded by urgency. Millie Duthie’s vocals could command in any setting, and on this track, she finds herself lamenting on the pitfalls of modern life. There’s a Smiths-like swagger to Duthie’s back-and-forth with guitarist Elis Davies’ spiralling guitars. It’s an arresting kick to the system that gets its point across in three precious minutes.


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