THYLA – ” Motherlode “

Posted: April 29, 2016 in MUSIC
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Thyla take another step forwards with ‘Motherlode’

Thyla can’t put a foot wrong. Since the Brighton group’s emergence last November, they’ve delivered three winners in a row, The four-piece started out with ‘Us and Them’, an urgent call to arms showcasing Millie Duthie and co.’s angular instrumentation. ‘Car Crash’ streamlined things a notch, and third track in the space of a few months, ‘Motherlode’, completes a neat trio of head-turning first steps.

“The wires in my brain they don’t connect the same,” sings Duthie, pulling the strings across three blink-and-you-missed-it minutes that walk a tightrope between all-out anthemia and smart, early-4AD-era songwriting.

Keep a look out for upcoming UK dates and immerse yourself in ‘Motherlode’


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