FLYYING COLOURS – ” Flyying Colours ” EP

Posted: April 30, 2015 in MUSIC
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The wonderful sound of guitars from Australian band FLYYING COLOURS and their first EP,  please check them out on bandcamp and, the band’s guitarist Brodie J Brümmer has said before they slay the UK.

Their music  inspired by so much, everything really. It’s pretty obviously 90s shoegaze, psych and grunge stuff, pop music…we listen to everything. For me Nirvana, Sonic Youth and MBV really taught me how I wanted to play guitar.”

We were ready to tour UK/Europe with our new release so it was perfect timing. Our tour schedule is pretty full on, we have 10 UK shows in 12 days once we arrive – so [all they have planned] probably playing a lot of music.”

We are playing a heap of shows with our club ac30 label mates Pinkshinyultrablast who I’m super excited to see. Also No Joy and Cheatahs are playing a show together at the same venue the night after we play in London so we will definitely see that. Oh and the Primavera Festival lineup is pretty excellent. And of co

urse we get to see RIDE!”

check out other Australan bands like the obviously Hollow Everdaze, Hideous Towns and VHS Dream who we are playing our last Australian show with. The Melbourne psych/shoegaze scene is killer.”


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