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Fall (Studio 57 Recordings) is one of the first songs ‘our’ Emma Jones has written. It just pours out of the speakers showing the craft and style she’s already developing. But just listen to that voice. As the wistful trumpet seeps in, consider that the back backing is mostly provided by schoolmates, and hope is provided as well as entertainment.

‘Fall’ is the debut single from singer/songwriter Emma Jones. Her folky tone is soothing and unique. Emma’s writing is mature well beyond her age. Emma discovered her love for music in primary school and has devoted herself to honing her craft ever since. After recently taking up song writing Emma completed her first original song ‘Fall’. Her lyrics are meaningful and passionate as she hopes to encourage resilience among fellow young generations and help to encourage people to learn from their mistakes. She combined with a group of talented teenagers on drums, bass, guitar, keys, trumpet etc to bring her track to life. Her debut single ‘Fall’ is just the start of a journey which she hopes will be one filled with new experiences and opportunities to learn. Emma is currently working on a follow up EP with producer Marc Scully at Studio 57 Recording.


the pinheads wildfire

Wollongong’s The Pinheads have dropped a new track called ‘Wildfire’, and yes, just as you guessed, it is wild and it is on fire!

“The Pinnies” are seven mates, who decided over a couple of games of bowling and a shared music taste, who happen to “accidentally” form a band in the latter half of 2013.

Getting hold of what they call “an assortment of shitty instruments and strange recording equipment”, they set up a makeshift studio hidden deep in the swampy hinterlands of the South Coast of NSW – a move that eventually cultimated in their 2015 EP ‘I Wanna Be A Girl’.

Whilst taking root in a fusion of influences – Punk, rockabilly, the British musical invasion of the 60s – The Pinheads aren’t a revivalist band, shock rock, nor any other thing an outsider could adequately dissect; “We’re a group of outcasts/reprobates banding together to let it all out”.

“Wildfire” by The Pinheads is out now on Farmer & The Owl via Inertia Music