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Cardinal Fuzz Records and Centripetal Force Records bring you this nine song journey sees the band exploring new directions that are more meditative in nature, a welcome development in light of the current state of world affairs. The song “Mythic Salon” certainly demonstrates such intent, as well as growth.
“ARC”, the band’s first release since last year’s Ape on Sunday, was recorded at guitarist Anthony Taibi’s 3D Light Studios in Humboldt County, California. The song writing this time around took on more of an inward process, both musically and thematically. This shift allowed for more spontaneity and improvisation than their previous efforts. This was especially true when it came to translating musical passages that had already become part of the band’s live repertoire. ARC is not a concept album per se, but its focus on such an omnipresent icon certainly leaves the listener a variety of avenues for interpretation, making this the most daring and unique album in the White Manna discography.
Released August 28th, 2020

WHITE MANNA – ” Evil “

Posted: December 3, 2015 in MUSIC
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When you first listen to ‘Pan’ you could be forgiven for thinking that it is just another space rock album. You would be mistaken. This is an album with teeth, real punk teeth. In the way that The Seeds, The Stooges and The Damned have teeth; something which is particularly evident on ‘Dunes I’, with its humongous all destroying riff’ and the magnificent ‘Evil’, both of which rock out with real attitude and power. For me ‘Pan’ comes together most forcefully with ‘Beta Travellers’ which does not so much fuse as slams together the space rock and punk elements to produce a ride that is so exhilarating as it builds and builds towards a climax that leaves you wanting more…which is exactly what you get with ‘Eshra’ a superb track with its wah wah immediacy and drone. In a sense there is nothing new in this album. The elements that it draws from are hardly innovative in the canon of post-blues music, but there is an alchemy at work here that has brought together the familiar and created something totally thrilling. This is a fucking great rock album.


I love the Hey Colossus album “In Black And Gold” released earlier this year and I bought this Split 7 on the strength of it. Their track is great as is the White Manna number. Good, strong rock music


White Manna – ‘Pan’: California psych troupe White Manna return with their second LP following 2012’s self-titled debut and the results are no less gloriously sludgy. Most tracks clock in over the seven-minute mark, while the pervading atmosphere is of sitting in a stoner’s bedsit with the curtains shut forever. In a good way.


Humboldt County, California psych-outs WHITE MANNA present “Pan”, their fourth full-length since 2012. The LP is a split release – it’s the band’s second album for both Captcha Records and Cardinal Fuzz in the UK.

“Pan” is the equivalent to a surging psychedelic whirlwind, however you keep second-guessing what you’re hearing because little do you realize you’re stranded in the center of a scorching desert. That said, if mirages had their own sound, Pan would be exactly what you’d hear. Expansive tracks are detailed and stretched out across a massive plain, much like the landscape of the barren desert you find yourself trapped in. The LP is 6 tracks long and contains over 45-minutes of sun-baked space rock, giving the band ample time to chart their mysterious path to a sanctuary through the wicked heat of complete desolation – the question is whether or not you end up at your destination.

The 7-minute monster “Dunes II” is a perfect example of their heat-plagued sound, where guitars are seething and sweltering in a thick cloud of humidity that you can reach out and scratch with your fingernails. The air is heavy and you can feel your body warm as you breath in the smokey vapor they’re producing – vocals are rippling and warbled, while guitars growl and muster and eventually explode with progressive intensity. “Evil” is a 5-minute banger leaning heaviest on punk (a track of its own kind on the LP), unfolding with two invigorating chords that quickly gets your blood boiling in a storm of vibrant color. The track stays true to their own formula of lush landscapes with substantial repetition. They expose their spacey edge in “Beta Travelers,” garnering cosmic effects and sounds as they send you deep into a black hole without directions on how to return home – the rest is up to you. Album closer “Eshra” calmly floats in and suddenly places you into a full-on space rock environment, growing and expanding into a journey of its own. They’re finally creating that moment where you can sense your destination right around the corner, you just have to continue following the astral path they carve out a little longer to get there. Tom-tom heavy rhythms close out the track and trample over everything in sight as cascading guitars and bass swell into a crushing finale. The come-down begins to take a hold and cools everything into a smooth finish

Taken from the album “Come Down Safari” by White Manna (Captcha Records) For those looking for vinyl that looks AND sounds amazing then this offering from San Fran’s White Manna certainly ticks both boxes. A stunning picture disc with artwork by the legendary Alan Forbes, “Come Down Safari” finds White Manna veering slightly away from the rockier efforts from previous release, Dune Worship, and their self-titled debut to concentrate on more drawn out, instrumental jams and head-nodders. The slow build up of the first track, Deathless Guru, sets the pace and the album meanders on rather nicely from there.