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Australian Garage rockers White Bleaches have just dropped their new single ‘New Age’ and it’s a fuzzy psych rock pearler. Ragged whirling guitar, chugging drum lines and reverb filled vocals these guys are the epitome of what’s so great about local Aussie psych right now.

Recorded by Stu Mackenzie in an old shipping container on a farm out the back of Winchelsea, ‘New Age’ sees the guys straddle the line of producing new forward thinking dream psych rock while still paying homage to their garage roots.

To celebrate the release of the single, the band will be playing a new shows around Melbourne, Australia in the coming weeks as well as a slot at Lawsfest Festival in November.


White Bleaches – Bad Character, recorded in Melbourne by Stu Mackenzie (King Gizzard & the Lizzard Wizzard) and mastered by Dean Whitby (Drunk mums) and Anthony Lacarruba: We came to be about four to five months ago when we recorded a few songs with Stu from King Gizzard, we originally had another band but the sound changed and kind of went in a new direction so we thought we’d start fresh in a new band with some new songs

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