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The spectacular new single, “HUH,” from Grace Gillespie. This London-based artist and producer released her debut EP, “Pretending”, in June 2019 via Kaleidoscope and it was met with tons of praise across the music blog-o-sphere, including right here where it made my top albums/EPs of 2019 list. Her ability to blend multiple genres and styles to create her own musical identity grows by leaps and bounds with each new release.

The latest single questions why we allow ourselves to lose childhood wonder as we become adults and deal with the slog of 9-5 to life. On the song she says: “We become increasingly affected by external factors as we grow older and it becomes increasingly difficult to think like a child again. That innocence and curiosity is lost forever. But it’s still fun to think about, to try and look at things in different ways, as if through the eyes of someone else.”

Her sound takes influences from the folk, psych and dream-pop traditions, providing a backdrop to her intriguing vocal melodies, shifting harmonies and introspective lyricism.

“I grew up in Devon not far from the sea. Music was a big part of my life from very early on – I was lucky enough to attend a primary school where music was high on the agenda. I started studying piano very early, then sax and then drums for a year or so – but abandoned that pretty quickly.. too noisy for a tiny village. I’m a huge fan and you should be too! If you haven’t yet pick up her debut EP and get to know all about your new favourite musician.

Kaleidoscope Records Released on: 2020-05-29 Grace Gillespie


Sea Change Festival burst onto the scene last year and now the Totnes event, taking place around the town itself, has just revealed its lineup for this summer. It’s an event that finds its way into the most intriguing locations in Totnes, including a restored cinema,sparkling ballroom, 15th century church and walled garden, among many others.

Confirmed today are: Jane Weaver, Blanck Mass, Daniel Brandt, Amber Arcades, Aldous Harding, LOWLY, H Hawkline, VENN, The Proper Ornaments, Virginia Wing, Death and Vanilla, Girl Ray, Chris Forsyth and the Solar Motel Band, Trembling Bells, ILL, Mai Mai Mai, W H Lung.

Trembling Bells will celebrate the music of Bert Jansch. Talks, film screenings, DJ sets, food, drink and all manner of curious things will be happening.

Sea Change is inspired and organised by Drift Record Shop in the heart of Totnes, South Devon on 25 and 26 August. Dreamt up by the innovative Drift Record Shop, Sea Change mirrors the passions of the people that run the shop.

Food and drink: Community craft brewery, New Lion (trading in Totnes for nearly 200 years) will brew special Sea Change beers and Totnes Brewing Co. will cask its own Sea Change ale; chef Patrick Hanna of London’s Rochelle Canteen, Duck Soup and most recently L’Entrepot, will create a special Drift pop-up fast food joint. Totnes’s cafes, restaurants, bars and independent shops will join the party – street markets will fill the market square, the family-friendly Bay Horse Inn will host a good ale festival and, next door to Drift, the Riverford Farm Shop will unveil the new Ben’s Wine & Tapas bar.

Sea Change Festival.