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The king of rock, pop, teenage dreams, psych, the new wave and and future genres yet to be defined, Tim Presley is gearing up for sum shows in the East Coast, Chicago and then keeping Austin weird in November! Hot on the heels of “I Have To Feed Larry’s Hawk”, this succinct jaunt will be the first opportunity to see/hear Tim Presley’s White Fence in the U.S. following the release of IHTFLH, which is a big fucking deal.
Playing cuts old and new and under various monikers, who knows what this bitches brew will ferment!
Now, dig the official video for I Have To Feed Larry’s Hawk highlight, “Indisposed”:

Song from Tim Presley’s White Fence’s 2LP/CS/CD “I Have to Feed Larry’s Hawk,” released on January 25th, 2019 from Drag City Records.

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In a world of pure imagination, take a long look and you’ll see…the video for “Phone” from the freshly released “I Have to Feed Larry’s Hawk” by Tim Presley’s White Fence! Here, neon dreams come alive with a lava lamp glow and wobbly, willy wonka kitsch to create brain food for a new wave theater, in which you will find yourself watching “Phone”. The second TP/WF video from Ashley Goodall (see also, “I Have To Feed Larry’s Hawk”), “Phone” warms you up and sedates your pleasure center as Tim Prezzo’s neo pop fantasies crawl inside your ears to invite a gentle slumber. Trading in his six string for the resonant vibrations of a piano, the blissful melodies you’ll hear on “Phone” appear above and beneath the surface – there’s more to devour the deeper you dig!  Taking a spark and starting a fire, the  video for “Phone” compliments Tim‘s elegant eccentricities note for note.

Song from Tim Presley’s White Fence’s 2LP/CS/CD “I Have to Feed Larry’s Hawk,” out January 25, 2019 on Drag City Records.

Tim Presley - credit: Photo by Cate Le Bon

Gliding past ghostly statues of mythic entities and through the mist into the present world, Tim Presley‘s White Fence shed their multicolored-shroud for a heartfelt yet enigmatic, cycle of songs about losing the thing that’s killing you that you love in order to gain the thing that makes you love what you love, with loads of Heartbreakers and other new pop classix.

I quit the Temptations in Los Angeles, and got an apartment in San Francisco.  
I now live on a street surrounded with blurry characters & walking human clouds of static.
The ground on my street is glass, nails, needles and pins/piss.
There are beautiful flowers though.
The sound of buses, cars and voices iron my brain to a nice hum.
This city, is now a bull constantly poached by the bullfighter. The Torero keeps chipping. It’s alright for me… now…despite this.
I can actually feel this city, and what it has said to so many others.
As a human, and as a ghost.
I started writing songs for this album in a small rural town in the UK called Staveley.
I was staying with Cate Le Bon there during winter. While She was there going to school learning how to build & design furniture out of wood, I started writing on her piano. Staveley is in the Lake District (Northern England) and everywhere you look is the most beautiful serene British landscapes.
I came back to SF to record, but first.. I had a fervent dream that Johnny Thunders asked me to be honest & simple with this album, and why dolphins were not given arms. I booked studio time with a very talented fellow named Jeremy Harris and we worked together out of a studio in the Dogpatch district of SF (owned and run by Paul from the UK band “The Bees” (or in US…. “A Band of Bees”). Because I can only play the piano like a 5 year old, Jeremy was able to learn the songs on piano, keys and finesse the parts, including most drums and also record/engineer the whole album.

Also playing on the album, is S.F. Mission district native Dylan Hadley who plays drums on two songs: “Until You Walk” & “Forever Chained” and H. Hawkline adding guitar and vocals on “Phone” 
I have to re-learn how to walk. The poppy stomp. I’ve been tethered to a hawk, that I must feed on the dot. Many people get, and many people need. I can’t believe what I now hear and what I now read. It’s funny how the human moves, it’s desperate how the fog seeps through. San Francisco the city, is an artist that had become rich off one masterpiece painting, but still conflicted & inspired, trying to shake the blue. I needed to remember my heart is plausible, and not a closet of hornets & flies. Even though closing my eyes can still bring me to my knees, I think love and inspiration will lead me to free. Through life’s cycles and movements you get re-taught, but still everyday I must feed Larry’s hawk.

“Lorelei” is from Tim Presley’s White Fence’s 2LP/CS/CD “I Have to Feed Larry’s Hawk,” out January 25, 2019 on Drag City Records.