Posted: February 17, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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In a world of pure imagination, take a long look and you’ll see…the video for “Phone” from the freshly released “I Have to Feed Larry’s Hawk” by Tim Presley’s White Fence! Here, neon dreams come alive with a lava lamp glow and wobbly, willy wonka kitsch to create brain food for a new wave theater, in which you will find yourself watching “Phone”. The second TP/WF video from Ashley Goodall (see also, “I Have To Feed Larry’s Hawk”), “Phone” warms you up and sedates your pleasure center as Tim Prezzo’s neo pop fantasies crawl inside your ears to invite a gentle slumber. Trading in his six string for the resonant vibrations of a piano, the blissful melodies you’ll hear on “Phone” appear above and beneath the surface – there’s more to devour the deeper you dig!  Taking a spark and starting a fire, the  video for “Phone” compliments Tim‘s elegant eccentricities note for note.

Song from Tim Presley’s White Fence’s 2LP/CS/CD “I Have to Feed Larry’s Hawk,” out January 25, 2019 on Drag City Records.


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