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The Verve / Urban Hymns super deluxe


Remastered • Unheard live audio • B-sides & Remixes • DVD • Vinyl box

Universal will celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Verve’s “Urban Hymns” album in September with a reissue campaign that includes a 5CD+DVD super deluxe edition and a massive 6LP vinyl box set….

All formats feature a remastered version of the album (the work of Chris Potter and Metropolis’ Tony Cousins) and the super deluxe edition box set adds four further CDs offering B-sides, remixes, session tracks, BBC Sessions and two discs of unreleased live performance from the era, including the May 1998 hometown show in front of around 35,000 fans at Haigh Hall, Wigan.

That same show also features on a content-packed DVD, included within the super deluxe, which includes the 1999 documentary The Video 96-98 (unreleased on DVD until now) and promo videos.

As with the Verve box sets from last year this super deluxe includes a 56-page hard cover book, a poster and five postcards. What is different about the reissue of this album is that there is a vinyl box set edition that is very extensive indeed and covers most (not all) of the audio in the CD box across six vinyl records (three gatefold packages). The remastered Urban Hymns is pressed on two LPs, and all the B-sides and remixes are included on two further vinyl records. All 15 tracks from the previously unreleased Live at Haigh Hall fill the final two vinyl records, completing this six-LP vinyl box.

The audio you don’t get in the vinyl box is the BBC Evening Session (CD3 of the box) and the 12 tracks of ‘Further live material’ on CD 5. However, the vinyl box does come with a 20-page booklet and a download card which entitles you to all audio from the super deluxe edition CD box set.

There is a 2Cd edition as well. The second disc is the Haigh Hall live performance, rather than the B-sides and remixes, although the eagle-eyed amongst you might notice that Universal haven’t just repeated CD 4 from the box set. Neon Wilderness is missing (along with the encores) and they’ve added three tracks from the aforementioned ‘further live material’ tracks. Putting this live audio on disc two is probably a good decision, since many fans will have CD singles from back in the day.

thanks to Super Deluxe Edition.

The Verve / Super Deluxe Edition box sets

Multi-disc super deluxe edition box sets of The Verve’s first two albums A Storm In Heaven and A Northern Soul are to be released…first two albums, 1993’s A Storm in Heaven and A Northern Soul from 1995 will both be reissued by Virgin/EMI in September as multi-disc super deluxe edition box sets…

Both albums are remastered by Chris Potter (co-producer of the band’s Urban Hymns) and both of the new box sets feature previously unreleased studio recordings, BBC sessions and various B-sides / extra tracks from the singles of the era.

The super deluxe of A Storm in Heaven is a 3CD+DVD set and includes all the pre-album E.P. tracks, associated B-sides and acoustic versions, as well as two previously unreleased BBC radio sessions and two unreleased studio tracks – South Pacific and Shoeshine Girl.


The DVD features a 1992 Camden Town Hall concert, the USA promo video for Blue, unseen footage of the band in New York in October 1992 and a video for the unreleased South Pacific, made up from footage of the Sawmills recording sessions as captured by producer John Leckie.

The super deluxe for A Northern Soul is ‘just’ a three-CD set with the audio content following a similar pattern to the aforementioned Storm in Heaven set. So it includes of all associated B-sides and two previously unreleased BBC radio sessions as well as offering an impressive seven unreleased studio tracks, including early versions of The Rolling People and Come On (later re-recorded for Urban Hymns) as well as Mover and Muhammad Ali (both of which would be revisited for the band’s 2008 reunion album, Forth).

Both of the super deluxe editions are in lift-off-lid boxes (presumably like Tears For Fears/Simple Minds) and contain posters and postcards. The booklets feature interviews with the band (but not Ashcroft). The Northern Soul box is covered with silver ‘mirri’ board as per the original 2LP vinyl

Both of these will be issued on 9th September 2016 along with gatefold vinyl editions..