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While mostly remembered for his time fronting The ClashJoe Strummer had a long solo career with a number of terrific records. A new retrospective album, “Assembly”, highlights that and will be out March 26th via Dark Horse Records. The Carefully curated singles, fan favourites and rarities will comprise the 16-track Assembly, a best-of collection from The Clash legend arrives via George Harrison’s Dark Horse Records (which is now led by his son Dhani Harrison and manager David Zonshine

The compilation includes “Love Kills” from the docu-movie Sid & Nancy, Mescaleros songs “Coma Girl,” “Forbidden City” and “Johnny Appleseed,” a few live performances of “Rudie Can’t Fail” and “I Fought The Law”, the latter two recorded by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros at London’s Brixton Academy on November. 24th, 2001 a never-before-heard acoustic version of “Junco Partner” and Other iconic cuts include “Coma Girl,” “Johnny Appleseed,” and “Yalla Yalla” (with The Mescaleros), Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song”. It does not have, however, any of the Joe Strummer & The Latino Rockabilly War tracks, like “Trash City,” he recorded for the soundtrack of Permanent Record (the 1988 drama which starred Beastie Boys’ Adam Horowitz).

In addition, Assembly includes liner notes written especially for this collection by lifelong Strummer fan Jakob Dylan.

Strummer’s politically charged lyrics struck a chord with legions of fans and peers, and in 2020, his life and music were commemorated with “A Song For Joe: Celebrating the Birthday of Joe Strummer.” The star-studded global live stream featured performances and testimonials from Bruce Springsteen, Jeff Tweedy, Bob Weir, Lucinda Williams, Josh Homme, Tom Morello, Jim Jarmusch, members of The Strokes, Brian Fallon, Steve Buscemi, and many more.

“Assembly” is an all-new Joe Strummer retrospective covering The Clash frontman’s whole career, including Mescaleros numbers and unexpected, buried treasures. This 16-track compilation features three previously unreleased versions of classic Clash tracks, including the never-before-heard “Junco Partner (Acoustic)” and electrifying live performances of “Rudie Can’t Fail” and “I Fought The Law,” the latter two of which were recorded by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros at London’s Brixton Academy on November 24th, 2001.

Joe Strummer was one of those essential artists whose reputation far exceeded the widespread recognition he achieved in life. When he passed away from a congenital heart defect at age 50, he was known mainly for his roles he played in the Clash, Big Audio Dynamite, the 101ers and his solo band the Mescaleros, and yet despite having established an insurgent attitude and a musical palette that spanned punk, dub, funk, and rockabilly, his solo catalogue always seemed to take second place to the iconic outfits with which he’s been forever identified. There’s a clear irony in that distinction, given that Strummer was an outspoken individual who continued to channel social and political causes fearlessly and tirelessly throughout his career.

It’s apt then that Strummer’s solo career should finally get the focus it deserves with “Assembly”, a long-overdue compilation that boasts both career highlights — three live unreleased Clash recordings are, on their own, well worth the price of admission — film score contributions, three tracks recorded with the Mescaleros, a moving take on Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song,” and, of special note to collectors, a heretofore unreleased version of “Junco Partner,” a song that dates back to Strummer’s initial efforts with the 101ers and rendered here as an earnest acoustic home recording.

‘Assembly’ is the first new Joe Strummer title to be released on Dark Horse Records. Designed as a new starting point to Joe Strummer’s back catalogue, it includes 13 tracks from Strummer’s solo career, along with two live versions of the classic Clash songs “Rudie Can’t Fail” and “I Fought The Law” and a previously unreleased acoustic version of Junco Partner – making a total of 16 tracks. Other tracks come from Strummer’s extensive solo catalogue including tracks from his three albums with ‘The Mescaleros’.

The late Clash frontman Joe Strummer is getting new solo best of, Assembly, on March 26th via Dark Horse Records that collects his work with The Mescaleros and more. One of the rarities included on the album is a never-before-released acoustic version of “Junco Partner,” a blues song first recorded in 1951 by James Waynes, that Strummer played with his first band, The 101ers, was recorded by The Clash for Sandinista! and he continued to play through his days with The Mescaleros.

This acoustic version, just Joe and his guitar, was discovered on a hand-labelled cassette tape in the Strummer archives.

Founded in 1974 by George Harrison Dark Horse Records has long been a home for Storytellers and Troubadour’s, words that can be used to describe Joe Strummer, making Dark Horse Records to perfect home to appreciate and expand Strummer’s incredible legacy across, music, politics, and culture.

Package includes new written forward by Jacob Dylan

Tracklist: 1. Coma Girl 2. Johnny Appleseed 3. I Fought The Law (Live) 4. Tony Adams 5. Sleepwalk 6. Love Kills 7. Get Down Moses 8. X-Ray Style 9. Mondo Bongo 10. Rudie Can’t Fail (Live) 11. At The Border, Guy 12. The Long Shadow 13. Forbidden City 14. Yalla, Yalla 15. Redemption Song 16. Junco Partner (Acoustic)