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This is what I always hope for when a band releases killer songs as download only or a cassette…that someone will see fit press it to vinyl. That is what happened with The Umbrella’s “Maritime EP”. Released as a cassette in 2019 and then straight to vinyl in 2020! The San Fransico band push the right indie pop buttons, taking some raw Beat Happening and adding some Small Factory and Versus. And it ain’t just the right influences they’ve got songs too, four of ’em that’ll have you wishing for more.

Discontinuous innovation inc. is proud to announce the release of the umbrellas. We have seen an exponential increase of rain with in the past decade. Streets have been flooding, homes have eroded due to water damage , and 60% of automobiles are now aquatic. How does a consumer protect themselves from these torrential downpours? With the umbrellas of course!

San Franciscan jangle pop group “The Umbrellas” take over the bay area with their astonishing 5 song e.p. “Maritime!” this e.p. was recorded by Matt Ferrara in his apartment and released on his independent label, discontinuous innovations inc, that delivers top notch tunes for your ears to hear.

to listen to the Umbrellas and other amazing artists, visit…. The Umbrellas are Morgan Stanley, Matt Ferrara, Nick Oka, and Keith Frerichs.

Originally released March 22nd, 2019