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The Marias are meticulous. Every element of the Los Angeles band there is a vibe as vintage as it is fresh and new, and it feels natural, unthinkingly but supremely cool. There’s a formula here — but somehow, nothing about The Marías feels formulaic.

Superclean Vol 1.released in early November 2018, feels like velvet grazed against the skin — chill bumps included. Combining bossa nova, funk, coquettish 60s yé-yé, lounge, and psychedelic dream pop, The Marías offer a sultry pastiche, an instantly likable meld guided by the kind of soft-soothing vocals . It’s the first EP for the band, a debut built on the seemingly fated meeting of singer María — as an artist, she uses her first name only — and drummer-producer Josh Conway.

The gloomy video for “ABQ,” a track from The Marías’ second EP, Superclean Vol. II, mirrors that feeling, Anxiety is a sneaky, shapeshifting thing on your mind. It can be profoundly intense to the point of physical debilitation; other times it’s a looming, creeping sensation of paranoia, negativity, fear, and insecurity slithering snake-like through your thoughts.and unsurprisingly, singer María penned this slow-march during an anxious state while traveling in a van on the band’s first tour.

“I remember recording vocals and having to go underneath a blanket so that no one could hear or see me,” she says in a press statement.

In the video, women cloaked in hooded capes surround María like a black cloud, even when she seems to be in the clear and calm, standing strong in brighter light alongside a horse and wearing a white gown. These cloaked figures are an allusion to that blanket, which became María’s safe haven on tour.


Working for a fourth time with director Ian Lipton, María co-directed “ABQ,” and together they convey the eternal mental tension of living with anxiety. In the moments where the cloaked women surrounding María look directly to the camera, though, it’s startling: a jolt to the viewer that cuts through the bleak color palette. Each moment of intentional focus feels like an acknowledgment, a spark of awareness that anxiety is conquerable. Eliminating it altogether may not be possible, but with effort, we can better control it.

Directed, produced, written and edited by María and Ian Lipton

Formed in Los Angeles in late 2016, The Marías have hypnotic guitar riffs, smoke– velvet vocals and nostalgic horn solos, there’s something undeniably sensual in the group’s dreamlike fusion of jazz, psychedelia, funk and lounge.

Vocals/guitar – Maria
Drums/vox/producer – Josh
Lead guitar/vox – Jesse Perlman
Bass – Carter Lee
Keys – Edward James

The Marias

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Psychedelic- and jazz-tinted soul for anywhere the lights are low, the L.A. quintet fronted by chanteuse Maria Zardoya released their debut EP, “Superclean Vol. 1” in November and have another on way. Allure alert.

Imagine walking into a 70s bar-lounge and sitting in a velvet booth, the air thick with a perfumed nostalgia and smokey intimacy, your head in a spin from the sultry voices and feverishly groovy notes being elicited from the small stage in front of you. Now close your eyes and press play on “I Don’t Know You,” the debut track from the LA-based band The Marías–let it transport you to someplace where sensuality and ecstasy drip from the lips of those around you. Comprised and led by couple María and Josh Conway, The Marías have no qualms about making music that is a sultry, midnight rendezvous of their many tastes, which include jazz, funk, psychedelia, and lounge. With only one song out but their debut EP titled Superclean Vol. I staged for release in the fall, the only real morsel one can get of the band right now is from the members themselves or those who’ve caught them live.

Viewers have described their sound to everything from having sex in the 70s to pouring cream into coffee, alone these might seem like arbitrary comparisons–but then you hit play on “I Don’t Know You” again, and it all just oozes out like a fever dream. Of course, a band that’s led by two lovers is bound to overflow with sensuous sentiments and The Marías essentially began with Conway and María’s relationship. María had just reluctantly left the Atlanta music scene behind and moved to LA, she was playing a solo acoustic set at the Kibitz Room where Conway was running sound. After the show, he came up to her to tell her he really liked her voice and had a studio he wanted to record her in.

“Superclean Vol. 1” is the debut EP by the Marias.

I Don’t Know You: (0:00) Basta Ya: (3:30) I Like It: (6:26) Only in My Dreams: (9:48) Superclean: (12:38) Déjate Llevar: (15:13)

The EP is truly a collection of the band’s personal experiences, distilled and reconfigured into a collective vision that Conway, as the sole producer, puts together. As a result, the band’s studio sound is just as raw, unfiltered, and true to their vision as it can be. Dreamily melodic and hypnotically sensual, there’s a timelessness to their sound that spurs a certain wistfulness–like they have one foot in the past, but are continuously wrestling out new ways to evoke the tiniest of intimacies from their music.