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Songs For Our Mothers is a disturbingly brilliant album. On the one hand, it’s an invitation to “dance to the beat of human hatred.” On the other, as we found out when we spoke to frontman Lias Saudi, it’s the collected work of a bunch of history fanatics. Thematically, the album is centered on a haunting narrative that revolves around Ike and Tina Turner, Harold Shipman, crumbling friendships, and the final hours of the Third Reich. Sonically though, it’s all presented like a hyper-sexual yet lo-fi disco—the kind you might find on the battered outskirts of Berlin. Ultimately, Songs For Our Mothers is like a decomposing onion, with layer upon layer of ideas, that somehow reinterprets and builds on their debut release, Champagne Holocaust, in the way all good art should. It’s a perfectly ominous album, a grand piece of deliriously unpleasant art to arrive in a desolate and dark year.


The Fat White Family have announced details of the release of Whitest Boy On The Beach, the first track from their forthcoming second album. The single is released on Friday 15th January on the band’s own Without Consent label. It is already a contender for grooviest song of the year – another brilliant slice of sleazy, pulsating psychedelia and mutant funk.

The band release their second album, Songs For Our Mothers, a week later on the 22nd January. It follows their hugely acclaimed debut album Champagne Holocaust, which was released in 2013.

Finally, having recently announced a Christmas show at the Bussey Building in Peckham, south London, the band also play a number of dates around the UK in December

THE MOONLANDINGZ are a ‘fictional band’ featuring Lias & Saul from the FAT WHITE FAMILY and Adrian & Dean from analogue, audio taxidermists ,The ECCENTRONIC RESEARCH COUNCIL…The video was Directed by CHARLOTTE KEMP MUHL the girlfriend and long time bass player in Sean Lennon’s band The Ghost Of the Sabre Tooth tiger was astounded when he saw psychedelic punks Fat White Family for the first time at a South by Southwest party last year. “They’re one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen,” he says. “We became really good friends.” Lennon has since helped the band co-produce their upcoming second album, and now he’s teaming with them for a new side project, the Moonlandingz. The band’s lineup features Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl (The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger), Fat White Family’s Lias Saoudi (vocals) and Saul Adamczewski (guitar), and members of U.K. electronic avant-garde group the Eccentronic Research Council for a 10-inch EP on Lennon and Muhl’s label, Chimera Music, out October 30th.

The whole thing was born basically out of this fictional fantasy,” Lennon says of the Moonlandingz. He explains that earlier this year, the Eccentronic Research Council and Fat White Family teamed up for Johnny Rocket, Narcissist & Music Machine… I’m Your Biggest Fan, a largely spoken-word record about a fictional band called the Moonlandingz and an obsessed stalker fan. “It’s done quite well in England,” Lennon says. Now, the Moonlandingz are coming to life, with a full-length album on the way. “It started as a fictional band, and it sort of stepped through the fourth wall — like Purple Rose of Cairo or something,” adds Lennon.

The group’s new video for their brooding “Sweet Saturn Mine (Sean Lennon De-Mix)” was directed by Muhl during about six hours spent in the moldy basement of a run-down dance hall in England. The group conceived of a “Luciferian Kenneth Anger cult ritual,” with Lennon playing what he describes as a “gypsy wizard.” “We were just trying to entertain ourselves. The whole thing was us just laughing and having fun. And when Saul killed Lias — that was just too much.”

Taken from THE MOONLANDINGZ – EXPANDED EP (U.S. Release only).

The Fat White Family played perhaps one of  the most memorable sets at Green Man Festival this year, here they do a song for the Green Man Sessions TV. These guys don’t really need much of a hard sell, thanks to an imitable fan base that continues to push the name out far and wide – but for the uninitiated, from Fat White Family you can expect invasive, engrossing rock ‘n’ roll and, at times, an unashamed tad of controversy in their live performance. Go and watch them, if you’ve got the balls. they will be at the Nottingham Trent during Dot To Dot,



The songs of The Moonlandingz are a collaboration between the North & South of England’s Premier Outsider Voodoo music makers & analogue audio taxidermists, the ECCENTRONIC RESEARCH COUNCIL & THE FAT WHITE FAMILY.

This fictional group, ‘The Moonlandingz’, feature as part of the Eccentronic Research Council’s forthcoming concept album, ‘Johnny Rocket, Narcissist & Music Machine..I’m Your Biggest Fan!!’. (coming May 2015) which again, features narration throughout by the Uk’s finest actress, Maxine Peake.
The album tells the story from the point of view of a woman obsessed by the lead singer (Johnny Rocket) of an up & coming local band (The Moonlandingz), based in a ex – mining village in South Yorkshire.
This is not mere ‘mental illness, as show bizness’..this will be a cerebral trip for those fans that are in deep and for those in glass houses , pretending, not to see through the same eyes.
Preceding the album, there will be a digital EP of original tracks released by the MOONLANDINGZ (February 2015) both on FWF own imprint Without Consent Records via [PIAS].
The video was Directed by critically acclaimed, British Cult Horror Film Maker, Steven Shield.

featuring the Bafta–nominated Maxine Peake as a crazed stalker of a fictional band made up of members of the Fat White Family.

“Sweet Saturn Mine” is the lead track taken from the Moonlandingz’ EP out on 16th March – a collaboration between the Fat Whites and Eccentronic Research Council. Written from the perspective of a fan of a small-time local band – the infatuation with the group tips into obsession, before plummeting dramatically into something far more sinister.

Following the release of the EP, the Eccentronic Research Council’s fourth album, Johnny Rocket, Narcissist and Music Machine … I’m Your Biggest Fan and will be released on 18 May.


Fat White Family is not a subtle band. In an era of “chill wave” and “chamber pop” and “nu gaze”, these former South London squatters are loud, rude, and beholden to no artificially-defined style. If you want to know what type of music they make, just consult one of the band’s song titles — “I Am Mark E. Smith”. And while the music of The Fall is clearly an influence, Fat White Family doesn’t simply sneer. They sweat, spit, expose themselves and generally make a depraved mess of the whole thing. But don’t let the stage antics hide that musically, Fat White Family is an entertaining band playing a contemporary British garage rock. Their debut album Champagne Holocaust was originally self-released but after gaining some notoriety in the UK — positively and negatively, the album has been released in the US by Fat Possum Records. The band was in the States for a while in the Fall and made a splash during CMJ for not only their music but the stage antics. In December, Fat White Family did a two-week residence at Baby’s All Right . This set is a full one and perhaps the longest time-wise of all of the recent US shows, encompassing basically all of the songs the band worked up for the live show which includes much of Champagne Holocaust and only two older tracks, the aforementioned “Smith” and the band-name-generating “Bomb Disneyland”. We’re streaming “Heaven on Earth” which begins and carries through with a familiar surf-garage guitar line that makes the song perhaps the most accessible of the set. Fat White Family will return to the US in March and we’d recommend catching their highly entertaining show at least once.

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The Fat White Family’s new single is ‘Auto Neutron’, the scuzzy sleaze-blues opener from “Champagne Holocaust”, came out in September on Trashmouth Records. Ahead of that, they’ve released its video , which is five minutes of cinematic panning shots of the band in their Brixton home (which, unbeknownst to us, includes its own art gallery and a banquetting table) cloaked in darkness. Simply put, hats off to director Thomas James –  and see them soon on the NME Awards Tour.


Fat White Family


The Fat White Family, have announced details of the release of the first single on their new label, Without Consent‘I Am Mark E Smith’ is released on Monday 15th December 2014.

The single, available on 10” and download, will also feature the track I Am Joseph Stalin’.

After a summer of appearances at most of the UK festivals, including Glastonbury and a sold out show at London’s Electric Ballrooom plus a trip to the America’s the band went away to start work on their second album, due next year. They are also playing the NME Awards Tour with a superb line up of bands in February 2015,


London psychedelic act Fat White Family have kept their clothes on long enough to make the new “Is It Raining In Your Mouth” video. The heavily-saturated and colorful video comes from the band’s Champagne Holocaust LP, out now via Fat Possum Records. Check it out above, and look for the band on the road for the NME Awards tour. Be prepared to see lots of skin.