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On the day (October. 17th) in 1973: The Rolling Stones performed two shows at Forest Nationale in Brussels, Belgium, as part of a tour of the UK & Europe; sax player Bobby Keys didn’t show up for the concert, which resulted in him being banned by Mick Jagger from future Rolling Stones tours until 1982, with occasional exceptions; according to legend, Bobby missed the gig due to him filling a hotel bathtub with Dom Perignon champagne & drinking most of it…(Bobby ‘left the building’ for the last time on December. 2nd, 2014…)

October 17, 1973. 1st show: Brown Sugar / Gimme Shelter / Happy / Tumbling Dice / Dancing With Mr D / Angie / You Can’t Always Get What You Want / Midnight Rambler / Honky Tonk Women / All Down The Line / Rip This Joint / Jumping Jack Flash / Street Fighting Man

What an beautiful, elegant blues player Mick Taylor is during this period… using the same old scales that most all that most of us play.His solo on Angie is the most perfect, no wasted notes statement this side of George Harrison, but as w/ the rest of this set played on the sweet verge of feedback.The perfect foil for Keef who also needless to say is at the height of his powers hereand besides what group needs 2 of the same on the guitar front?No offence to R.W. whom I love w/ the Faces but he seems to have stopped practising (or something… ) upon entering the Stones.

YCAGWYW is so beautiful here it damm near had me tearing up, Keith and Mick Taylor can only be described as sublime on this version, they play off one another perfectly…and da sax just knocks it outta the fuckin’ park…never heard a better live effort of this song, its like they sold their souls for this one…

Mick Taylor, what an amazing guitar player ! I think, the Rolling Stones songs bring him up to this level. He also plays great on his solo albums, but its never the magic like with the Stones.Mick Taylor without the Stones is not same. And of course he plays better the Ronnie Wood. But playing fantastic performances makes the band not surviving for so long. It’s Ronnies character and personality who is a part off, that the Stones still play this days… So thanks all of them for such great music they gave and still give to us !

The Brussels Affair

Units made: 173
Limited-Edition Book, numbered and hand-signed by Mick Jagger, Michael Putland and Nick Kent.
Limited-Edition Tour Litho of 173 pieces, hand-signed by Mick Jagger.
Album: 180-gram Triple-Vinyl Set of the Brussels concert.
Watch: ’70s-era “Tongue & Lips” Watch—Japan Seiko movement and stainless steel face with brass dial.
History: In 1973, the government of France banned the Rolling Stones from entering French territory because of various run-ins with the law most of them occurring during summer of 1971, while the band members were in the South of France, recording one of their masterpieces, Exile on Main St. This was a blow to the Stones’ hordes of French fans, who would be shut out from experiencing the Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band In The World on their 1973 European Tour in support of the newly released Goats Head Soup. That October, the band organized a concert across the Belgian border in Brussels, and a local radio station chartered a bus to transport French fans to the now-historic gig.

All the sights and sounds from this historic show and tour have now been amassed for the first time in The Brussels Affair, the inaugural release from the Stones Archive. The package features an 180-gram triple-vinyl album and rare photographs from the Brussels show by Claude Gassian, as well a book documenting the entire 1973 European tour, with exclusive photographs from Michael Putland and a newly written text by acclaimed NME scribe Nick Kent.
Contributors: Michael Putland, Nick Kent, Claude Gassian