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There is so much to dig about the songwriter, where do we begin? The Los Angeles touring artist has made a name for herself in her band The Blank Tapes and we have a feeling she will explode into a larger musical consciousness with her debut solo album due out next year. She seamlessly weaves in and out of garage rock, dipping into ‘60’s pop, and even shows a small jazz sparkle that together, forms one of the hippest and most intriguing sounds we have heard this year. Sonically speaking, “Victim” transports us to a sun-drenched beach, but lyrically there is a personal meaning behind it. With the current state of the opioid epidemic and the recent death of her sister who struggled with addiction,

Bianqui felt compelled to write the track and donate 100% of proceeds to Harm Reduction Coalition. “I wrote this song when I started discovering how being emotionally co-dependent has negatively affected my life by creating a pattern of self-victimization. Now, to me, it represents the hope for addicts to escape from their cycle of addiction. I hope it serves as inspiration for addicts and their loved ones around the world that you can put your foot down and change—that you don’t have to be a victim, like my sister—and so many millions of others.




The Blank Tapes together with German psych rockers The Roaring 420s will embark on a six-week tour through Europe in this winter’s most compelling transatlantic psychedelic double feature!

As if this itinerary is not epic enough, both bands will also be releasing a limited edition split cassette tape for the tour on Melotron Recordings out of Greece!


The Blank Tapes is a moniker for the California sounds of multi-instrumentalist Matt Adams, and as he’s joined by friends and musicians on the road and in the studio, he seems to be consistently re-imagining the sounds that have won him an audience. Now, his latest effort, full-length “Geodesic Dome Piece”, is slated for release tomorrow on vinyl and cassette tape.

For more from The Blank Tapes, click through the gallery above to see photographer Kristen Blanton’s photos from a day shadowing the band at an Atlanta show in 2013.