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The debut single from Big White, These guys are the new up and coming garage guitar pop heroes and it seems like overseas caught onto them before Australia did. Earlier this year the Sydney crew signed to Burger Records (the US home of fellow Aussies (and garage rock kings) Step Panther and Wax Witches. Their happy go lucky sounds. of this band have have been on the up and up this year, their care free brand of new-wave inspired guitar pop is like a big, loveable golden retriever. They like to hang out, make new friends, bring an excited energy to everything they do Okay that last one might be pushing the metaphor (and the truth), but you get the point, and it’s a point the band make clear in their video for You Know I Love You. They then made their US debut at SXSW in Austin Texas, touring across the South West and finishing up with Burgerama Festival in LA alongside some pretty famliar names including Gang of Four, Ty Segal and Ariel Pink.