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Following Thurston Moore’s 2011 solo show at Henry Miller Library, and After the rather sudden dissolution of Sonic Youth’s disbandment which went public. Moore one of  Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” list, released some of the best work of his career with the Beck-produced album Demolished Thoughts. The Best Day features more face-melting guitar solos, with the 10-minute-plus “Forevermore” as exhibit A.

There were thoughts of how the various members would channel their creative output. After the founding of new band Chelsea Light Moving, Thurston Moore returned to what has been a small but incredibly rewarding outfit under his own name. The first release The Best Day feels like some of the best of Moore’s later-period Sonic Youth writing filtered through a more independent lens and the result is a record that stands on par with some of the best of his late band’s later work.

Thurston Moore and a session for the French magazine/Blogsite La Blogotheque, He performs acoustic  ‘Benediction’ and ‘Blood never lies’ in his home in New York City, for the Session. “He looks back on how he first tried to find the venue CBGB’s and how it all started, whose siren song he answered to arrive in the city, whose kept him there… Joey Ramone, a teenage Beck Hansen, Jim Jarmusch and Jean-Michel Basquiat at the Todd’s Copy Shop, Patti Smith in Creem magazine and the birth of hardcore.” songs are Blood Never Dies and Benediction, He is Tall.





from the new album “The Best Day” first solo album in 4 years from the Sonic Youth mainman also includes drummer Steve Shelley. awesome guitars on this track,



Thurston Moore and the title track from his new album out on October 20th on Matador Records, after a busy few years with the dissolution of his long term band Sonic Youth and his seperation from Kim Gordon with the band members all going their seperate ways, after the previous albums the more folky woods “Trees Outside The Academy” and the noise punk “Chelsea Light Moving” with this new album Moore stands ready for the future, Thurston Moore will be performing at the Bodega in Nottingham.